Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Green Green Grass of Home

It seems that a few weeks ago I was whining about our back yard being so muddy. There was no grass and the yard looked as if we'd recently had a tractor pull.
I planted five pounds of seeds and they seemed to be sitting there rotting. As it turns out, the seeds weren't rotting, they were waiting for the temps to heat up slightly hotter than a flat iron.
It did that while we were away on our cruise. When we returned, it looked as if we'd have to buy a goat to get the grass back down to a manageable level.
I had a lot of correspondance this morning and I wrote a few pieces before I had to leave for the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting.
When I returned, I put on my work clothes and spent the afternoon mowing and hoeing. The yard is looking much better now and the garden is thriving. We'll be eating cherry tomatoes soon. We're getting almost a pint of blueberries a day now, and the majority of our bushes are loaded with green berries that will begin to ripen over the next several weeks.
Tomorrow we'll start planting our late crops.
The real fun will commence when the heirloom tomatoes begin to ripen on the vine.
Y'all have a great Wednesday.


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    You always make me feel like it's just the two of us sitting together & having a cup of coffee...I love it!!

  2. I envy your garden, it sounds so peaceful and inviting..

  3. Our grass is also growing like crazy. We can't keep up with cutting it.
    Dry weather would be welcome just for it to stop. lol

    Sounds like your garden is growing well too:)

  4. It's funny about grass... you wonder if it will ever grow and than suddenly it is insanely tall... :)

    Enjoy all the fruits and vegetables of your labor, I am a city girl at heart but I do have a desire to have my own small garden, maybe in my next place I live... I will make it a priority:)

  5. Yay for your growing healthy garden!! A pint of blueberries!! Lovely! take care

  6. I used to help my late papw tend to his tomato plans in his garden when I was a little boy. Fond memories.

  7. because of the extended cold season, the big house im managing lost some of the grass. we are dealing with it now. i hope we can grow them like what you did. anyways, we have goats to eat them. LOL!...

    summer is here Sir Rick!..


  8. Yum @ the tomatoes... Growing up in Philly and now living in New Jersey, Jersey Tomatoes are one of my very favorite things about summer!

  9. Your post brings lots of memories forward! Your hard work is netting some sweet crops.

    About the goat...that might be a good idea. Or maybe some lambs? You could sell them at the end of summer?

  10. I'm in official blueberry envy now...I will tell Jack and see how he cries when I mention how many berries you pick a day! However, our raspberries are blooming and I'm hoping for a good crop...it will be a long time before the tomatoes are ready so have one for us!

  11. I'm green with grass envy; blue over your blueberries and red faced I can't grow any edible crops anymore. Since we moved to this lot 26 years ago, it is so dag gum shady we can't grow anything edible. I tried...the birds love the few blueberries we get, our grass is patchy at best and tomatoes, why we head to the Farmers Market for those.
    You are blessed dear friend! Happy for you and your sweet gal pal!


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