Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm on a quest. I've toyed with the idea of becoming a syndicated columnist for several years. I did some initial research, but naysayers think that newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. 
While newspapers are going through some hard times, I think there will be a need for newspapers for the foreseeable future. 
Maybe I'm fooling myself, but it's something I want to, do and it's my intention to move in that direction.
My nephew who works at the daily paper where my column began in January of 2007 is moving to a paper in Mississippi as the Publisher. It's a huge promotion and he'll be in a position to make decisions about content. He's asked me to consider writing for that publication. The parent company that owns the new paper has almost 30 other publications in Mississippi. 
Getting in 30 new publications would be very encouraging. 
While doing research, I found that several of the syndication portals list the things they require in order for a columnist to be considered.
~ Obviously the columns must be something people want to read
~ They want references, to make sure you have staying power
~ They want to see your bio, and another thing that figures in is your social media links so they can see what people are saying about you.

Having an eight-year history on this blog is a plus, and having over nine thousand comments is another asset. 
But my Facebook presence is spotty. So today I launched a new Facebook page entitled
Rick Watson Columnist. 

I would love to have some of my followers here consider LIKING my FB page. I've picked up 162 likes since lunch time. I promise not to spam you.
Onward and upward.

P.S. If any of you are in an area with a newspaper where you think my columns would be a fit, I'd appreciate you sharing the name of the publication.

Y'all have a great week.


  1. I hear you, Rick. FB is a burden for me personally, but it is the only way I will see what my relatives are doing.

    I hope you are flooded with offers!

  2. I do have a facebook account, but don't do anything with it except check when my kids post pics or something..until today! I'll like 'ya! Here in Ashland our paper is the Ashland Times-Gazette and I would enjoy reading your column!

  3. I will sign up to follow you on FB but I don't do much with it- xo Diana

  4. Will do, SOmetimes I wonder what people did before fb, crazy how it has become so entrenched in our daily lives. :)

  5. I liked you page Rick:-)

  6. I would like your page if I dabble in FB!!!! Yay!!! Newspapers will never disappear! Maybe in paper form but their website equivalent continues so I hope you get to write for websites too!! Take care

  7. When I log into FB a little later this morning I'll like your page Rick!

  8. Jump at that chance to write a column. You will be excellent and readers will enjoy it. I "liked" you on Facebook.

  9. Sorry Rick but I deactivated my Facebook account as it was a burden that I didn't need and a great time waster for me. I like your column though. Good Luck.

    Happy 4th of July.

  10. I liked your Facebook page. I don't read the Jacksonville newspaper. It's pretty bad. But if they picked up your column, I would break down and subscribe to the paper just for you because you would improve it so much.


  11. Thanks all. I wound up with over 200 likes in less than a day. I'm really encouraged.
    I had another paper that asked me to submit some columns for consideration.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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