Sunday, June 30, 2013

Small-town cafe

I signed books at Sage Coffe and Books in DeKalb, Mississippi last night and afterward we played about an hour on the front walk of the store.
Our new friend Lara apologized that more people didn't come to the event, but we told her not to fret. The people who were supposed to be there showed up.
We always play as if we're playing for a sold-out audience. 
As we played, clouds gathered off to the north, and soon lightening danced in the distance.
This storm came directly down Main Street. Thunderstorms frighten Lara and she flinched with each strike and roll. 
The rain followed. We scooted our chairs back from the eves to keep from getting wet, but then the winds picked up and everyone had to go inside. 
It was a fun gig. We got a chance to grab a quick bite at Ashley's Restaurant there in DeKalb.
I got a bowl of gumbo and Jilda ordered shrimp étouffée. I love trying out small-town cafes. We often have remarkable food, and last night was no different.
It's been a late night for me. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Sounds good, even with (or because of) the rain!!

  2. That's a wonderful mentality... the people that showed up were the people that were supposed to see it;-)

  3. As long as you get paid lol
    Teachers face the same sort of thing They come to give a lecture So they give a lecture even if not too many people show up.

  4. Despite the rain, I think it still sounds like a great experience. Must be interesting getting the chance to meet and chat with people at your book signings.

  5. Sometimes those small get-togethers are the best of all. Happy Sunday to you, too! xo Diana

  6. Small town cafes and diners always beat the chain places and the bigger places don't they?

  7. I always say "The most important people are here!" Glad you enjoyed your time even with the rain...the food sounded pretty yummy!

  8. Sounds like a good event - and I would have loved the storm!


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