Friday, June 21, 2013

Worth the wait

We walked later today than usual. A scheduling snafu sent Jilda off to work early only to learn the class had been cancelled.
She wasn't too disappointed because her heart wasn't set on a refresher course in CPR and First Aid.
I headed out to the screened porch to write when she left, and it was a surprise when she returned much earlier than expected.
She slipped on her walking shorts and shoes and we headed out. As mentioned before, we've had a great deal of rain this spring. As a result, we've had a lot of things that enjoy warm damp weather. 
I saw a chalk-white mushroom in the undergrowth that looked as if it were wearing a sombrero bleached by the desert sun.
There were also fairy rings which have been called nature's graffiti. There are also a downside to having an environment conducive to fungus, mold, and mildew, but I don't want to talk about that tonight.
When we got back close to the house, Jilda noticed that our purple Rose-a-Sharon bush was blooming. Normally it starts showing out in May, but not this year.
When I saw the first blossom today, highlighted by the morning sun, I thought to myself that it was worth the wait.


  1. It's interesting to see the difference in growth patterns around the country. Our rose of sharon blooms in July. It always reminds me of our first home we bought..we had a few in our yard and I wasn't much into gardening yet and didn't even know what it was..but I loved it. I'm glad we have one here too! I hate when I have to do my CPR review..every 2yrs...they keep changing the way it's done and I always hope I'll never need to do it!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely walk!


  3. What a lovely Rose-a-Sharon. Looks like it was worth the wait indeed.

  4. The beauty of flowers are always worth the wait... love all the colors and the scents they bring:)

  5. I too have noticed a change in growth pattern in my gardens. Blooming plants are always such a gift to enjoy. I would say your Rose of Sharon bloom was worth waiting for.

  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    The Rose of Sharon is lovely!!

  7. Lovely. I have a while to wait before mine blooms here in Canada.:)

  8. This was definitely worth the wait.
    The color is very pretty. Impatience have not started blooming either. I hope that they will be worth the wait too.

  9. So lovely -- the writing and the photo.


  10. When we bought our house 25+ years ago I pulled a bunch of young rose of Sharon's from my parents' yard and planted them along the fence. Ours bloom late July/early August and are usually loaded with blooms which draw humming birds and butterflies. I love them. My husband not so much as he is constantly pulling the "volunteers" out of the yard.


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