Monday, June 17, 2013


I usually post my column from Sunday's paper on Monday evening, but this column started out as a blog entry about our cruise so many of you have already read it. If not, you can click here and read it in the paper.
I'm approaching another milestone in followers. I'm at 475 and I'd love to reach 500. Five hundred seems to roll off the tongue a little better, so I'm on a quest.
If you have followers that you feel might enjoy my work, please consider referring them to me. If one of your followers or friends decides to follow me, please ask them to leave me a comment saying who referred them. The person who makes the most referrals will get a free autographed copy of my book
Life Happens.
Everyone will get a big thank you and a neck hug if we ever meet in person :)
Y'all have a remarkable week.


  1. Hi Rick, I will check with a few of my followers :)

  2. Total confession: am addiction to my shopping channel when they feature "cruise holidays"! I don't know why - it's just so surreal - a big floating hotel with all the mod cons - absolutely fascinating!! Thanks for sharing your first cruise experience in the paper - I get the feeling you enjoyed the land more than the ship once the novelty wore off? But what an experience!! Take care

  3. I just thought I'd check, and apparently I wasn't following your blog. (I follow you in Feedly so still see your posts). Anyway, rectified now :-)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so glad you have as I have now found yours! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog entries! Take care x

  5. I referred 400 of your followers to you, but no thanks required. Besides, I already have your book and love it. I'm at 175. Perhaps someday I'll hit 200.


  6. Give aways are a sure fire to get your numbers of followers up but will they all read your blog faithfully and leave comments to show you that they have actually read your blog. I know that you can track them down with Live Traffic Feed but I don't like spying on which of my followers visit but don't leave even a wee comment.

    I have very few followers but I have some die hard friends who are commenting faithfully and they mean more to me than numbers, but then I don't have books to sell. My followers are climbing very slowly, one by one. I like it that way. It makes it more personal. That is just the way I feel.

  7. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Well, thank you very much for popping in to see me today! I'm from Fort Payne, Alabama myself. My family moved to Texas in 1965, so I'm really a Texan now! ;)
    Hope you'll come back for another visit sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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