Sunday, June 02, 2013


“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” Lao Tzu

Old Lao would consider Jilda and I good travelers. We often shun planned tours, schedules, and clocks when we travel. When we went to Ireland several years ago, we rented a car at the Shannon Airport. We loaded our bags in our "mid-sized" Opel, pointed the hood toward the east and began to drive. 
People ask me if it was difficult learning to drive on the wrong side of the road. I pointed out that we live in the sticks in a county where driving on the wrong side of the road is common.
We used our map to drive to places that we'd read about in books. We stopped frequently to take pictures, looked closely at thatched roofs, light houses, stone castles, old cemeteries, and ocean vistas. We ate at pubs, and we played music with the locals.
We got a feel for the country and its people. I think Lao Tzu would have been proud of us.


  1. I like Lao Tzu's idea. No plans and no intent on arriving.

  2. Oh, yes, we love to travel that way, too. The back roads call us, we stop for pictures whenever and wherever the mood strikes us, and we eat at local restaurants.

  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

    That's how we took the foliage tour through the northeast several years ago, ending up at Niagara Falls. It was WONDERFUL!!

  4. That's the best way to travel... no plans... just go wherever..

    My dream vacation would be Portugal... and I would just go and see as much of the land and culture as I could see on my own...

  5. I would consider myself not a good traveller. I need the security that I have a comfy place to lay my head at night. I travel much better from my computer chair.


  6. My kind of lingering and loitering! I am a good traveler-MyHero just has to say the word GO and I ask WHERE? xo Diana

  7. My Dad always had a destination in mind when we took vacations when I was a kid..but he always took back roads and made sure we saw the "real" people and towns...not just tourists attractions. We often did the same with our kids. We haven't done a "just get in and go" trip in a long time..maybe we need to become good travelers again!

  8. Yes, you would have made him proud! I love traveling without a plan and a schedule. It's only lately our lives have become less structured and allow for any carefree traveling!

  9. Awww what a great way to travel!!! Are you and Jilda off soon -a cruise wasn't it?!! I think!!! Yay! Take care

  10. nice to keep an open mind and just go.....

  11. I think you captured the essence of what true traveling is all about...being spontaneous and living in the moment.

  12. You're very cool travelers.



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