Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beautiful Thanksgiving Eve

I heard sleet ticking on the tin roof before dawn this morning. Most of the weatherfolk predicted precip, and I half expected snow on the ground this morning when I rolled out of bed.
I wiped sleep from my eyes with my knuckles and staggered into the kitchen. I'd prepared the coffeemaker last night so I poked the brew button, and fiddled with my glasses until things came into focus before stepping out onto the deck. It hadn't snowed, but dark ice as thick as a Hershey Bar clung to the steps on the deck.
The clouds had moved off to the east, and I could tell we'd have sunshine this morning for a change. I
crept back into the bedroom and silently slipped on my shoes without waking the spousal unit.
Collecting the wilted grapes and leftover carrot sticks, I stepped out to check on the chickens. Last night I sealed their roost and turned on their heater so they'd have a cozy sleep.
The second the grapes hit the ground they were off the roost and out the door. They love surprises.
I put out fresh food and water before stepping outside the pen.
The wind out of the north sent chill bumps racing up my arm, and the air was so crisp it almost burned my nasal passage, but it felt good.
When I looked out over the garden, I realized the wind over the last few days had stripped most of the color from the trees, leaving a web of limbs silhouetted against the morning sky.
A couple of maple trees at the edge of the garden were still in color, but one of them had color only on one side.
Sliding my hand into my pocket, I pulled out my trusty iPhone and snapped this photo.
I stood for a long while trying to absorb every ounce of beauty the morning had to offer.
I blew out a cloud of breath which chased off to the east, and then I headed inside to wake the wife and sip coffee on this beautiful Thanksgiving eve.
I hope you all have a remarkable holiday.


  1. Sounds like a great way to start the day before Thanksgiving...being thankful and aware of the beauty all around us! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Another lovely picture Rick, have an amazing holidays :)

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Jilda!!


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