Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chair Day

Jilda had an appointment with the big green chair today which means I spent much of the morning in
the hospital cafeteria writing.
My writer's block persisted for a while but I took some of the advice I received last night. I snapped my laptop closed and went outside for a brisk walk.
It was cold last night but the sun warmed the day up nicely. As long as I kept to the sun, and walked with the wind to my back things were fine, but I didn't want to walk around the planet to get back to where I started, so I turned my collar up, pulled the gloves from my pocket and slipped them on my hands and headed back.
At one point I could hear the wind whistling by my ears. It was physically impossible to get back to the warmth of the cafeteria too soon.
Once there, I fetched a hot cup of cafeteria coffee and I knocked out my column. I did some research on a project that Jilda and I are considering.
After a long while, I headed over to the treatment room to sit until the chemicals which are as thick as honey do their magic.
Once home, we took a short nap. When I awoke, I left her sleeping on the couch and I took the dogs for a walk. The evening sun was hovering just above the horizon.
As I walked toward the barn, the sun highlighted the hickory tree which was situated among the unlit oak and poplar trees.
I snapped this photograph but before it saved properly, my phone went dead. I wasn't sure if the picture actually saved or what it would look like.
When I got back to my desk I plugged in the charger and this is the result....well, with the help of Photoshop, this is the result :)
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Interesting post...the words can't hide from you for long!

  2. It's great when you have a break through with writing... I never get the block but I sometimes have a hard time writing what I want to... I wonder if people would understand. I love the picture :-)

  3. Good for you. Take a little break and "chill out" so you're ready to work. It's cold here, too. I actually turned on the heat last night.


  4. It sounds like a long day when Jilda has her infusions. I'm glad that your writer's block lost the battle and that you won. The cold wind must have cleared the cobwebs in your head.

    It's supposed to go up to 5 degrees Celsius today, that is 41 Fahrenheit. I have some outdoors work to do and will have to keep moving to keep warm.

    I hope that today the words will flow as fast as you can type.

    Have a good day.

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I had no doubt you'd beat the block!!


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