Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today was not a picture kind of day here .
Gray clouds as thick as a dirty blanket stretched from horizon to horizon with a light mist falling for most of the day.
As a result, I had to dig through my archives for a photo for tonight's update. I came across this photo I'd taken during the summer when Jilda and I went on a cruise.
It's of a lighthouse sitting on the tongue of land situated on one of the outer banks of the Bahamas.
This particular strip was part of the entry canal to the port.
We stood on the bow of the boat as it inched into the harbor.
I love lighthouses. I saw some during my time in the Army when I was stationed in the Northeast.
Lighthouses shine on the shores of Ireland too.
I took a boatload of pictures with my film camera when we were there, and haven't taken the time to scan them digitally, but I have some good ones of lighthouses.
I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Great photo! Lighthouses are many different ones out there to see!

  2. I love light houses, there are lots of them in Nova Scotia... :)

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Rick--you might enjoy this:

  4. I love light houses, too. I saw one on Assateague Island that's no longer used.


  5. I love how it looks like a painting! Awww such lovely memories!! Take care

  6. I have always had a keen interest in lighthouses even though I've never seen one. It's on my bucket list!

  7. We have a little lighthouse on the shore of the river in our city downtown but it's used as a gift store and was built as a tourist attraction. It's not of any use to sailors.


  8. We have a beautiful lighthouse in Sandusky, Oh and I've never been there...I need a mini-trip!

  9. That is a gorgeous picture and I bet it took you right back to the moment you and Jilda saw it on the cruise. xo Diana

  10. We have a beautiful one here in Ponce Inlet FL. Problem is I want to go up and see the view. I just can't climb 200 steps. :-( I do love lighthouses.


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