Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I walked this afternoon for a change. Normally I'm out before the chickens leave the roost, but things didn't work out so evening I headed out before the sun ducked below the horizon.
The dogs are happy no matter when we decided to walk so they waited for me, hopping at the gate.
My mind was a thousand miles away when I passed the barn and it's a miracle that something caught my eye and I looked up. Another few steps and I would have had a spider as big as a chihuahua in my face.
Instead of doing the spider dance, and saying things that would put me on the "A" list for satan's cookout, I stepped around the web and squatted low to get this picture.
I got a new pack for my Hipstamatic app yesterday that does some pretty interesting things with images. I call this photograph SkySpider. 


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I always look forward to your photos!!

  2. Cool shot! Your post title and the pic reminded me of visiting the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) in Chicago with my Granddaughters a few Summers ago and seeing spiders on the outside of the windows on top floor! That had to be a huge hike! I took a pic of them too...bloggers will find blogworthy material everywhere! My shots weren't as pretty as yours is!

  3. So glad you didn't make that A list! I needed a chuckle tonight and got one!

  4. Gawd, if I walked into that I would scream and then run..lol

  5. Spiders are NOT on my list of "favorite things I like in Nature"! xo Diana

  6. I'm not a spider fan.. great picture though;-)

  7. Nice photo - but spiders totally freak me out lol

  8. Love this shot Rick, I adore shooting spiders with my camera. They're such awesome creatures!


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