Friday, November 15, 2013

Firepit Weekend

We've got a great weatherman but he missed the boat today. His prediction as early as this morning called for only a chance of showers.
We were a little disappointed, but he said we should have rain Sunday which soothed our parched
But this morning as our walk was winding down, a raindrop fell on my face. It felt almost like a kiss.
We had errands to run so we made ready. By the time we left, we had to sprint to the car because of falling rain.
As it turns out, it was an old rainy day. A few months ago I might have whined a little about the liquid sunshine, but I can tell you I was grateful.
I collected some wood earlier this week and stacked it in the shed. I hoped it would be a firepit kind of weekend, and now it looks as though that will happen.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    A firepit weekend sounds WONDERFUL!!

  2. Looks like a great firepit to me! You paint a lovely picture - enjoy your weekend.

  3. A fire pit kinda weekend is a good weekend indeed my friend.

  4. We've got muggy, warm and overcast with 50% chance of rain..:-(

  5. Oh I do love a campfire! I'm hoping for one too if the rain for today doesn't happen! Have a good weekend!

  6. Have an awesome weekend too Rick :)

  7. Thanks That crackling fire sure sounds lovely and homey. Enjoy.
    Here its been raining and it is rather freezing cold outside.
    but the dog refuses to come in. He has thick fur and seems real comfortable outside while the little one looks for a place to keep warm.

  8. I had a remarkable weekend and it ended with a wood fire in the stove. A fire in the firepit is always special.


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