Friday, November 01, 2013

No place like home

We flew out this morning before daylight. We'd arranged for an airport shuttle to pick us up in time for
our 7 a.m. flight.
As we turned onto the highway, the wipers swept snow flakes and sleet off the windshield.
We arrived at the terminal before TSA security, so we sat on benches by the windows of Jackson Airport and watched it snow.
We boarded on time and pushed away from the gate, but the plane had to be deiced. I heard people grumbling, but I prefer flying on ice-free planes, so we remained silent.
It took 45 minutes to get the plane air ready. I knew that would be a problem because we only had a 30 minute layover in Salt Lake City.
When we lifted off and the crew gave the all clear for wireless devices, I logged onto Delta and the app said we'd been rerouted through Detroit.
As it turns out, we arrived home a few hours after we were scheduled, but our luggage made the transfer, and we touched down safely.
We spent five days at a beautiful place, but I can tell you our little cottage in the sticks looked pretty darn good when we rolled into the driveway this evening.
Our dog Caillou was giddy to see us. There really is no place like home.


  1. I know how you feel. We travel quite a bit and coming home always feels great, especially if we travel by air. When we travel by car, I find the trip more interesting. Nonetheless, you're right...there's no place like home!

  2. That sounds like quite the trip... glad you're home to relax. Yes I like flying in de iced planes too ;-)

  3. Home is the best place to be!

  4. Glad you had safe travels and a nice time. It always feels good to be home. Snow and ice already! Oh, my goodness. What a gorgeous picture!

  5. No matter how amazing the vacation is, there's just something about pulling into your driveway again. You're right - there's no place like home.

  6. I always breathe a sigh of contented relief when we pull into the driveway after any trip. Glad you all and your luggage made it back.

  7. Sure is no place like home.
    I used to like flying but now if I had the choice I'd rather keep my feet on the ground. With a bad economy, you just never know about these planes. You can't afford to cut corners with people's lives at stake. It was a wise decision to wait till the weather got better.

  8. You are right, "There's no Place Like Home" I'm glad that you arrived to your destination safely. Travelling in bad weather is always so iffy.
    Going away is the medicine to remind you how special HOME is. Enjoy your weekend at home.

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Click your heels together three times & say, "There's no place like home!!"

  10. I agree. Nice to get a way, but coming home is always great!!!

  11. I'm so glad you guys had a good trip but I bet you are glad to be home. I can just imagine how excited Caillou was!


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