Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When your well runs dry

I think the miles we've traveled over the past two weeks are catching up to me. I'm sitting here tapping keys trying to think of something clever to write, but the wrinkles of my brain have suddenly become as smooth as a baby's bottom, and I'm thinking a lobotomy might actually boost my IQ.

What do you do when your well runs dry?
I've read tons of articles on writer's block, and brainstorming. I've done every trick in my book which includes looking through old souvenir drawers, looking at the list of blog ideas that I keep, and flipping through so many photographs that my eyes are weary. Nada.
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.


  1. Sometimes I just have to start typing. Anything. The idea takes shape as I go along. Usually. Good luck - maybe you just need a good night's sleep - that never hurts either.

  2. That's when you do just what you're doing...you write about it. Then you sit back, you relax, and before you know it, life puts you back on track...gives you back your rhythm, so to speak.

  3. Whenever I have writers block I step away and put writing completely out of my mind. Seems as though that results in ideas coming to me as opposed to me searching for them.

  4. I'm wondering the same thing Rick.

  5. Everyone gets writers block at one time or another including me. Maybe write about getting old. Everybody is getting old, one day at a time and how we prepare for our old age. I think that I kind of ignore my old age. I work harder now that I'm older I think, I save for retirement but the way things look., I'll die with my barn boots on, lol... I always wonder who will die first, me or my husband.
    In one blink of an eye, healthy or not we all got our time set to go sooner or later.

    Brew yourself a good cup of coffee or go for a walk and be by yourself for a little while. It will come to you.

    Sorry Rick, I guess I don't have writer's block at the moment, he,he. I do get carried away.


  6. I would love to help you out here but I can't think of a thing to say....How about I enjoy your blog even when your struggling with writer's block!?

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM

    If you can't think of anything, you can always repost one of your old ones--they are all worth rereading!!

  8. That is why I take inanimate objects and surround it with a story of people who were there. An event that took place. It is liberating, usually.

  9. Here's an idea, write a book about "nothing to say." No don't! I might. lol


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