Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thinking Thankful Thoughts

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. I've spent time these last few days thinking about the things in my life for which I am thankful.
I'll probably do a post closer to Thanksgiving, but I think it's never too early to count your blessings.
I've spent most of the day on the road. I had meetings in Birmingham and a half dozen errands to run while I was there.
When I stepped out of the truck this evening, my knees squeaked.
Caillou met me at the door ready for his walk. I left early this morning so we missed our early morning routine, but he doesn't forget.
I grabbed his fetch ball and we headed out. The oaks and hickory around the old house and barn are throwing off mountains of leaves and we walked across a crunchy brown carpet. It would be impossible for me to slip up on anyone.
I threw the ball until my arm was sore before doing the old fake throw routine which has him running all around looking for a ball that's actually in my pocket. I know it's a dirty trick, but it works.
Below I grabbed a photo of sunlight in autumn grass.


  1. Ha I have pulled that dirty trick on many of my dogs. They fall for it every time. We mean it with love though :)

  2. You have one more thing to be thankful for and it's for Caillou making you exercise. You are right, it's never too early to give thanks.

  3. Coming into the holidays always makes me think about how thankful I am for family and friends. Caillou sounds like a wonderful companion. I look forward to getting another dog when we stop travelling so much. Until then, it would be unfair to a pet. but I do miss having a dog...a walking companion!

  4. Great shot Rick! Caillou is beautiful.
    I love to watch a dog like that running through tall grass and jumping up to see over it.
    My dog did that and his full mane of white hair went everywhere and he looked just so happy it made you feel soo good.

  5. What a great dog. And such a good owner too, even though he does the fake out throw! lol

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Does Caillou ever bring you back a fake ball?

  7. Great photos. I always wanted a "Lassie" collie.

    On some days, everything hurts.


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