Friday, November 08, 2013

Short and sweet

Jilda and I played at a Folk Festival today. We played the Blacksmith Stage which was a rustic
setting under the portico of a ancient barn with faded red paint.
Old wooden-spoked wagon wheels stood against the barn, and mule harnesses hung on the side. Of course there was a lucky horseshoe hanging over the door.
As we did our soundcheck, I heard Jilda gasp. When I looked to the edge of a yard, a deer smaller than our collie stood watching us curiously.
Jilda propped her guitar on the stool and eased over close the the critter. When she held our her hand it came right up to her.
We later learned that this fawn and a sister were orphaned when a car struck their mother. The owners of the farm bottle fed the infants which is why they are so tame.
It was a beautiful day for music. We won't make much money at this one, but as I've said before, we're doing this for the love of music and musicians. We met a ton of kindred spirits today.
I snapped this photo just to prove I was not pulling your legs.  


  1. Beautiful picture !
    I tried playing my piano today Was all thumbs. Will take a while to get back into

  2. I think the best musicians do it for the love of the music rather than the money, as you described. If you ever play up here in Kentucky Rick I will be there!

    1. Will do Keith. We're expanding our territory. We'd love to play festivals or Coffee Houses. If there are any near you, send us the names and we'll see how to get on their schedule.
      Take care and happy Saturday.

  3. That fawn is beautiful and it seems very comfortable with Jilda.
    Music lovers don't really care for money, is what my husband says.

  4. What a treat to be able to pet the fawn! Your venue sounded perfect. I love the joy for what you do that comes through your writing.

  5. Rick, I wouldn't have doubted you but I'm glad you took the picture. The look on Jilda's face is beautiful. Great shot.

  6. I guess you were telling the truth after all, lol... Once they are tame, they won't survive in the wild. Great picture of Jilda and the fawn.

  7. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Makes me wish I were Jilda--she is glowing!!

  8. Oh my goodness! What beauty to behold here....
    That is a splendid photo of your lovely Jilda and the precious fawn.
    A wonderful blogpost....pulled on my heartstrings. Poor little fawns...without their Mama.

  9. So sweet! I love the pic! I know you love the music when the money is secondary. We have a festival here called The Prairie Peddler that I think would be fun for you! It's always the last weekend in Sep. and the first weekend in Oct. It's in Butler, Ohio...I think they have a website. Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Yaya. I just sent them a preliminary request for info on how to submit. I think we're going to hit the road next year :)

  10. Beautiful picture, and it sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day!

  11. I love the picture, how sweet is that :)


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