Tuesday, September 09, 2014

At the end of the day

I wrote on the screen porch this evening. Clouds had moved in from the south blocking out the baking sun, so the porch with its ever-whirling ceiling fan kept things real.

The 30-minute Tibetan bell donged letting me know it was time to stand and stretch my legs.

A cup of ginger tea seemed like the right thing to do so I stepped into the kitchen and punched the hot-water button on the coffeemaker and drew a cup hot enough to scald the hair off a pig.

While standing there, a doe peered back at me from under the apple tree. She seemed to be saying - "Hello! It's suppertime." 

Putting on my flip flops, I walked down and fetched a few cups of corn and headed down to the feeding spot.

She huff her displeasured and ran to the end of the field and stopped to watch me.  I dumped out the corn, and headed back to the gate.

On the way back, the sun was having fun with our Zinnias which are surrounded by weeds now.

I snapped this picture with the Hipstamatic app on my phone and walked back inside so the deer could eat supper in peace.

 So, that's pretty much how my day ended. Hope you all had a good one.


  1. What a beautiful picture!!

  2. I loved your day's ending. Neat for us not so far in the woods folks to hear of feeding deer. WOW you captured some beautiful color in that picture. Good ONE!

  3. That sounds like a lovely evening. I love ginger tea :) And that deer is very lucky you think of feeding them. That picture is amazing!

  4. One of life special moment. I would like a picture of the doe eating the corn....

  5. You make an ordinary walk from the porch to the kitchen to feed the deer sound sound like a great adventure--which is how you make your readers feel. Thank you!

  6. Ooh, cool picture! I think there's probably a deep life meaning in that shot. Even in the weeds, a pretty flower can grow.

  7. It's those special and very simple moments, like walking to feed the deer, that I wish everyone in the world could enjoy and for one simple moment perhaps have nothing bad to watch on the nightly news. I think you should frame that pic...love it! I also always laugh at your "Rickisms"....scald the hair off a pig....classic.

  8. I like the picture you paint of the end of your day

  9. Sounds like just the right ending to a day...that picture is beautiful...the flower stands out and the color is lovely!


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