Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wince and grunt

These last few days I've looked more like my grandpa than I care to admit. It's been years since I've had issues with my lower back.

A regular yoga practice and exercise seems to have kept the malady at bay, but I began to notice a slight twinge a few weeks ago.

Not to worry, I upped the exercise and hydrated, but that didn't help. Then 12 hours in our vehicle this past weekend tossed me over the edge.

I'd never realized it before, but my Ford Ranger rides like a truck. Who knew?

A call to the local chiropractor, landed me an appointment about 30 minutes later. When I stepped out of the truck I hunched over and grunted like a bear with a stone bruise as my spine inched upward. My grand dad used to do that.

"I bet you're having back trouble," the receptionist said. Had she said it cheerfully, I think I would have whacked her with my keychain.

As it turns out, it was said with compassion, so I let her live.

About 30 minutes later, I almost felt like skipping out of the office. There was still a pain so I refrained. I'll see him again on Thursday for a followup.

Like everyone my age, things are beginning to show wear and tear. We can either give in to it and sit on the couch, or like my grandpa you can wince, grunt, and keep moving.

So what if I do look like and old fart.


  1. Funny, I once had a back problem, practically crawled into the Chiropractor's office, and had the same effect as I was leaving.
    I admire you for the regular Yoga, the wife and I make some effort, but it seems to require a class to stir the real serious effort.
    Hope the back stays in whack... or what ever is good... From Melbourne, FL

  2. I had an injured disk in my back years ago. As a result, I work out regularly or I pay the piper, so to speak. Age has it's price, but it also gives us more time to deal it and when all is well, to enjoy life!

  3. I won't give you advice and you'll probably thank me for it or not, but you have my sympathy.
    Having a sore back kind of take the fun of a person's day or night.
    Wishing you a quick recovery.

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    We all become old farts--if we're lucky!!

  5. Dear Rick, have you given any thought to your mattress--its firmness or softness????? Peace.

  6. Rick - I recommend chiropractic whole-heartedly. My wife talked me into it years ago but I was skeptical because I had no serious "issues." To my surprise, my chiropractic visits resulted in more energy and the elimination of a recurring knee pain. Now that I'm older, those regular chiropractice "tune-ups" really help to keep me moving freely. As I nurse, I am constantly encountering colleagues with back, leg, and hip problems resulting from the physical toll of the job. I'm always recommending my chiropractor to them. Glad that you are doing better.

  7. I have a bad back as all know and have trouble often putting one foot in front of another


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