Sunday, September 28, 2014

The road

The festival where we played was in the northeast corner of Tennessee. It took seven hours going up there but we stopped several times on the way.

This morning we ate cereal using blueberry yogurt as milk along with a cup of coffee, and we were leaving memories by 6:15 eastern time.

My back hasn't bothered me in years, but it chose this weekend to make an appearance.

We didn't dally during the return trip. Stopping to refuel and hit the bathrooms we made good time. Just south of Knoxville on I 75 I saw something you don't see every day. A woman in a Toyota was driving up the wrong side of the Interstate.

Fortunately I was in the center lane so we missed her, but I had a chance to flash the lights several times. She was either drunk, pilled up or somehow thought that a few hundred cars coming toward her were insane and driving down the wrong side of the road.

I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 to report the incident. What I found interesting was the person taking the call seemed to casually ask me what kind and color car it was, if it was a man or woman driving, and exactly where we were located. What was driving me crazy was that instead of dispatching the call she continued to ask me questions.

I finally gave her my name and phone number and about four minutes later she said thank you and hung up.

I'm thinking she's faced a thousand cars while we chatted.

Maybe it protocol. Maybe she thought it was a prank call, but I found it disquieting because we had friends that played the festival that were behind us.

We heard from our friends a short time later and they were stuck in traffic. I'm not sure if the woman caused a wreck, or police shut down the Interstate until they got the woman off the road.

The one thing this incident brought to light is just how fragile life is and how quickly it could change.

Have a great week.


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    That would be so nerve wracking!!

  2. Sorry your back was acting up....sitting in a car is one of the worst things for backs...but you already know that! I hope the festival was fun but the ride back sounds really scary! It's just amazing what you can come across on a simple drive. I hope they got her off the road and nobody was hurt. Have a good week and take care of that back...that's the wife of a Chiropractor talking here! P.S...sweet pic of you and Jilda!

  3. How scary... I am glad you and Jilda are okay but you are right, this woman could have caused some huge damage... I hope they got her off the road without any issues...

  4. Sounds scary, glad you and your wife are ok! Nice to see a photo of you jamming--always fun!

  5. OUCH, and OH ME, for the back trouble. When it bites it always hurts.
    We have driven over a million miles and have NEVER seen the wrong way car on an interstate. I can imagine the frustration answering questions while every second COUNTS.
    Glad you had a good trip though. Despite the back and close call.. WHEW!

  6. She might have been sick or delusional. No matter the reason, it's frightening.


  7. How fragile and how quickly it ends. I hope the woman realized the problem. In Ireland, that was a true problem for visiting Americans. I wonder if perhaps she was from the British Isles?

  8. Several years ago a lady became disoriented because of a medical condition and was driving on the wrong side of the TrandCanada highway and had a head on collision and a man we knew was killed in the mishaps.

    I'm glad that you were in the right place and avoided a collision with her. A very scary situation. You did the right thing and hopefully somebody else called 911 to report her and they took action to get her off the road.

    Great jamming picture of both of you.

  9. Yes I agree sounds a bit scary glad it wasn't me...............

  10. Wow! Talk about excitement on a really had some with a lady coming at you from the wrong direction on the highway. That would scare me to death...not only for myself and others, but for her as well.So glad you called...hopefully, they were able to get her off the road without anyone getting hurt. Hope your back feels better soon!


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