Thursday, September 04, 2014

Day on the water

I had a lot to do today, but I blew it off. You can do that when you're a freelancer. Fishing sounded better to me.

I've been stressing about things lately and Jilda looked at me and had that eye to eye, "We've got to talk" look. "You know I love you, but you're driving me crazy. GO FISHING."  So I went fishing today.

I knew within a few minutes on the water when the cool morning mist hit my face. I dipped the thermometer in the water for a few minutes, and when I held it up to the light to read the impossibly tiny numbers, it was 52 degrees.

Standing waist-deep my knees rejoiced as the cold soaked in bone deep. Soon I fell into a gentle rhythm casting a fly that weighed not much more than a whisper into the morning air.

I didn't catch anything. In fact, I didn't see a fish. I can thank intense media coverage over the past few weeks. The stretch of water below the dam is stocked with rainbow trout each month, and for some reason the papers decided that THIS was the month it should be covered. With the long holiday weekend, the regulars there said they needed a traffic cop. Oh well.

As I've said before, any day on the water beats a day practically anywhere else. One upside is that I
ran into my old buddy Howard. He was there with is daughter Heather who was visiting from Australia. I snapped a photo of them sitting on the bank talking and tending their gear.

They also shot a photo of me.

Another positive that came from the day was a killer idea for a column that I'll write this week entitled, Four Stages Of Trout Fishing. It should be a scream. Look for it in a few weeks.


  1. Great photos! Looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy nature whether the fishing is good or not.

  2. Rick, fishing sounds so calming... I don't think I could settle long enough to enjoy it though... Glad to hear that you did though, that is really great :)

  3. This was a nice post and I love the pics.
    Glad you went fishing even if you did not catch anything.
    Sometimes just standing there in or by the water,
    is purifying to the soul.

  4. These are about the best photos I've seen in a long time. Even the tranquility and peace has been captured in these. Very, very nice photos.

  5. Even though you didn't catch a renewed your spirit and soul. This is what you truly wife, your Jilda is :)

    Great photos, too!


  6. Just a fun read. I like one that brings a smile, thinking of Howard pleasantly visiting with his daughter from far away, on a river bank, says these are REAL people. (smile).
    Of course you ain't bad, you at least LOOK like a fisherman. (BIG smile)

  7. Looks like a wonderful way to spend your day and obviously, it agrees with you! Glad Jilda pushed you in that direction!

  8. I told you to go fishing. I think I get the credit for this relaxing time.


  9. You, the sky and water and mist, and the fish (somewhere): can't get much better!

  10. You're a combination of me and my husband. He'd rather be fishing and I'm a freelancer! We have a pond in our back yard, so he'll often go out there before work in the morning (he works from home, too). I tend to skip out on work occasionally to go to the mall!


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