Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cornbread can hurt your knees

My knees started bothering me a few months ago. I probably could have gotten pain meds, but there were other options that were more appealing.

A summer of eating everything and cornbread started to show on my waistline. I didn't have to step on the scales. Thumbing through summer pictures was painful because in those of me, I looked as if I were expecting. Ouch.

I'd read that every pound you gain in gut, takes a toll on your knees, bringing new meaning to the old phrase No pain, no gain. However I would punctuate it like this: No Pain? No Gain!!! (I know it's a stretch.)

So, I pushed away from the table after one serving, stopped eating most bread and chips (almost as painful as bone on bone) and upped my exercise routine.

That was six weeks ago and when I stepped on the scales this morning, I'd lost 10 pounds. I was shooting for 25, but that didn't happen. I think it's OK to dream.

Losing those pounds has been remarkable for my knees. They still hurt some, but nothing like before.

I've started getting injections that mimics the cushioning fluid lost due to age, and cornbread.

Jilda's off for the next few days so we plan to have some fun. I hope you all have a fun weekend too.


  1. Thank goodness I don't have the knee problems, but I admire your fortitude to stick it out. I must push back after one serving, DADGUMMIT!

    Good for you, 10lbs is GREAT!

  2. Keep working at it.. losing weight isn't easy... congratulations on losing 10 pounds...:-)

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Have a great weekend, you skinny thing,you!!

  4. Good for you for loosing all that weight. 10 pounds is a lot when you think about it. It sneaks up ever so gradually that we don't notice it. To put things into perspective, I imagine carrying a bag of ten pounds of butter around and I soon get the picture.

    I read in a Prevention magazine I think or in one of my health book that raisins were good to relieve knee stiffness and It has worked for me. I use a handful of raisins daily and it has done away with my stiff knees and raisins is good for a lot of other positive health benefits.
    It may not be the best thing to loose weight but it sure has a lot of good benefits.

    You don't get instant results but it takes about a month to show results.

    My son was complaining of stiff knees this winter and I told him about the raisins and I bought him a big bag at the bulk store and he said his stiff knees are better.

    Nice picture but I see the face of a mean cat in the centre. lol...

  5. Yep, I feel your pain...literally! Monday I go to the ortho dude for xrays and the conversation I've been avoiding...bilateral knee replacement. Congrats on the weight loss! That's the best way to avoid knee problems. Have a good weekend you two!

  6. Dear Rick, like you, I've lost weight because too many pounds makes pumping harder for my heart and bad on my back and my knees. I wish you every success in losing even more weight if that's your plan. I did lose 25 pounds through Weight Watchers and that has made a big difference for my left knee. Peace.

  7. Cornbread? One can never eat enough cornbread! But, congratulations on the weight loss. The darn carbs do us in everytime!

  8. I look preggers. We should compare bellies.


  9. Losing weight is the hardest thing to do, the easiest way to do it is go somewhere you don't like the food and have to walk everywhere that will make the weight start to come

  10. Thanks Rick
    Had corn bread yesterday . It was soo good.
    It had a lot more sugar than what I put in mine when and if I make it.
    I try to stay away from sugar anyway.
    A lot of times I blame the wet damp weather cause sometimes you wake up and find not only the knees but the shoulders and wrists and ankles. It travels.
    Then you envy the young who can jump and run with such


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