Friday, September 05, 2014

High School Football

High School football started a few weeks ago but the first week it was away. Last week, I'd had an upper GI on Friday and I was still goofy at gametime from the anesthesia earlier that morning.

But tonight the team was at home and I went to shoot pictures for the high school alumni website that I do.

Carver is a high school from Birmingham and they usually have a good team. This year about halfway through the first quarter, they led the home team 20 to nothing. It looked as if it would be a long night for the Bulldogs, but then things changed. We scored 35 unanswered points.

I was wilting from the heat, so I left at halftime, so I hope the winning trend continued.

The team plays at the new school. It's funny that I call it the new school because the first class to graduate from the "new school" was the Class of 1970.

I went to the old school. Recently when driving by, I stopped to snap a photo of the gate to the old football field. Memory made that gate a lot bigger.

Parking next to the field, I walked inside and sat for a moment on the old stone bleachers laid into the embankment on the homeside of the field.

Each year, for as long as I can remember, I've watched our team. Some years we were awesome, and some years we sucked. But that's the way high school football goes.


  1. High School memories seem to revolve around sports for many. I go to Sherry's class reunion the loudest cheers and yells are for the sports heroes of yesterday. Now old men all in their upper 70's still relive the BIG GAMES by THE BIG RED team.

    I can see how that 'gate' sticks in a man's memory!

  2. The only sport I played in school was baseball. I didn't particularly like to be in the out field, so I never developed a taste for sport, although I love recreation figure skating in winter.


  3. Good or bad, it is fun to watch, isn't? Sports are an interesting metaphor for life at times. They also evoke memories of specific times and times of year as well...I love it!

  4. Upper GI? No wonder you've felt a bit off this week. I remember nothing about sports in high school. I never voted for Homecoming queen. For me it was all about skipping school, debate, and drinking (I don't mean soda pop). I finally started going to school my senior year when an assistant principal said I couldn't debate if I didn't go to class. I was ranked 32nd in a class of more than 400. I often wonder where I would have been ranked if I'd gone to school more often.


  5. Ok, you opened yourself up wide for this comment so I'm going to take the pass and run with it...(do I sound sort of football savy?) Are you really sure it was anesthesia making you goofy? Just askin'.....neat shot of that old gate! Jack will start going to the games when the temps aren't so hot..which will pretty much be from now on! Cool down big time around these parts! Have a good weekend!

  6. Football started last week at my daughter's school. She's a cheerleader. Her school is small and last year was our first year having a football team. We didn't win a single game. Last week we won our session opener! YAY! Friday night football was a big part of my growing up. I've missed it.


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