Thursday, September 18, 2014

Road Trip

We went to Memphis. We spent the night last night in Tunica, Mississippi and we spent the day in Memphis.

Memphis is one of those iconic places rich in history on so many levels. Arguments can be made that the birth of the genre of Rock & Roll was in Memphis in 1951. Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats recorded a song written by Ike Turner at Sam Phillips' Studio which later became Sun Studio.

Memphis is also considered the home of the blues, but most of the musicians were from Mississippi and Alabama.

The city was also a volatile place. The Reverend Martin Luther King died on a balcony of the Lorraine Motel in April of 1968. The world changed on that evening.

And then there is Elvis. Although he was born in a small house in Tupelo, Mississippi, he considered Memphis his home.

Graceland is the destination of people from around the world. Even though "The King" died in August of 1977, his music and memory survived.

We drove by Graceland today and the place was abuzz.

Also, it's hard to talk about Memphis, Tennessee and not mention BBQ. I know there are places all across America that advertise BBQ, but you can't really make an informed decision about BBQ until you've sampled BBQ in Memphis.

Being explorers, Jilda and I along with her sister and niece, stopped at Corky's BBQ today. We rarely eat pork or BBQ, but we were on a road trip today and it seemed fitting.

It was incredible and they don't gouge tourists. Eating there today was delightful.

I'm glad to be home, but I think it's important to do a road trip now and again.


  1. Enjoyed the recap of Memphis. We enjoy that city. You kick up a pile of memories... THANKS

  2. I think road trips are awesome... some of the best ones I have taken weren't even planned :-)

  3. I love road trips. You're so fortunate to live near Memphis and Nashville - both on my ever-evolving bucket list!

  4. Sounds like a good trip! A few years ago when we went to Memphis we stopped at another BBQ place outside the city a little--can't recall the name. I think what stood out to me most was how everything in that part of Tennessee seemed to be covered with kudzu!

  5. Exploring is fun.
    Those sure are nice places to visit.
    We love the BarBBarn for ribs in Montreal.

  6. Hi Rick, so glad you had a chance to get away! I think it gives you a chance to refocus and be refreshed! But the treating yourself to the BBQ was the splurge you can sink your teeth into!
    Oh, and Elvis he gets around, where was he last sighted?

  7. Sounds like a nice trip to get recharged. I love BBQs but don't indulge very often. That's a nice picture of you and Jilda.

    Hard to believe that Elvis has been gone 37 years. He would be almost 80 years old by now if he still was living.

  8. Great area to explore...we've been that way in the past as well! Glad you had fun exploring!

  9. I've never been to Memphis. I would like to see Graceland before I die. I've heard it's the tackiest place in the U.S.



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