Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seeing forever

There's a field not far from where we live that's situated on a ridge. At times when driving by it looks as if you can see forever.

I had errands today and I was running a little late. It would have been easy to blow by the field without looking, but I didn't.

Slowing down, and making sure no one was behind me, I pulled to the edge of the road. Pulling the iPhone from my pocket, I snapped a few photographs and then stood there admiring the view. It looked almost as if the clouds were resting in the distant trees.

There were two options: I could stand and get the lake in the distance, or stoop and get the barbwire fence. I opted for the fence.


  1. Good shot of the clouds and sky. The fence adds a good perspective!

  2. This is an amazing shot Rick... lovely :-)

  3. I love those beautiful clouds. We don't usually see clouds like that in California. Nice photography!

  4. Great sky and depth, love the barbed wire touch, reminder of the header shot. Good stuff.

  5. Dear Rick, wise move to pull over and take that snapshot! As we all know forever is just over that fence line! I loved this...
    Have a great day! Roxy

  6. Great clouds Rick and very sharp looking barbs on the wire.

    Ms Soup

  7. I can see forever, in the far distance. And the striking blue sky is a welcome sign that the punishing humidity is receding. Can't get a shot this nice in the depths of summertime.

  8. Dear Rick, and a fine photo you got with good composition! Peace.

  9. Western Kansas: that's where you go to see forever.


  10. Love those fluffy clouds and the view as far as the eye can see. Great shot.

  11. Cool shot! I'm glad you took the time to get it. Many mornings as I'm driving to work there will be a beautiful sunrise just begging to be photographed. Usually I don't stop because I would be late. Last week the sunrise to beat all sunrises happened and I decided to finally pull.over and snap a pic...that is until I remembered my camera I always have in my purse was at home on the charger. I don't have a smart phone that takes good pics...it's a dumb phone...sort of like it's owner!

  12. Beautiful views out near you...things are more congested near us! That's the city for you.


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