Friday, September 19, 2014

Purple flower

I picked up my great nephew from school this afternoon and while he has pulled into the parking lot at the Sipsey Fork of the Warrior River, he'd never had a chance to get out and walking around the banks and explore.

Today he got a chance to see it up close. Just as we walked up to water's edge, a shad jumped out of the water chasing a bug.

I'd hoped the otters would make an appearance, but it was probably too early for them. We did see this amazing purple flower. I'm not sure about the name, but it was a striking contrast to the sky, and mist on the water.


  1. A beautiful photo. I like how still the water is and the white mist hanging there and that flower is a beauty.

  2. A beautiful Autumn picture.

  3. Rick, you always have the best pictures, you have a knack for seeing them and taking them :)

  4. Nature's stunning beauty and you have captured this misty, magical moment in time and were so generous to share it with us...thank you, Rick~


  5. Beautiful shot of the flower! I love the mist over the lake!

  6. What a beautiful picture!!

  7. Otters are the coolest! Hope he will see those another time. You have a good eye for catching great photos.

  8. Wonderful purple color. I wonder what its name is?

    Otters--they are out in the Channel Islands bays near here. Have only seen them in documentaries and they are such intelligent animals.

  9. Beautiful flower...nature creates the best color contrasts so easily!


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