Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photo op

The garden is dry as tinder now. The rain we had last week was welcome, but it didn't go far with the thirsty earth. Even the pepper is wilting. 

This time of year when there's no rain, I'm not sure I could water it enough for it to survive, much less thrive.  

This evening I stepped down to the back fence to surveyed the sad site. As the sun descended, the rays highlighted the tips of these weeds growing at the edge of the garden. Obviously I had to snap a photo.

Mother Nature is a funny gal. Even with the garden dry enough to roll up and smoke, she consoles me with a photo op of weeds.

I hope you all have a remarkable week.


  1. I like how you can find beauty and inspiration even in weeds! Looking at the weeds in my garden I find it hard to find more than discouragement...but it's always best to find the bright side of everything!

  2. Your glass in never half empty. Finding beauty everywhere is good medicine for the soul. I hope you get a good pouring rain to wet your parch earth.

  3. Neat catch. That is a pretty picture. This time of the year the cool starts here in North Carolina and it is time these Florida Residents to head south.... As always, a good visit here.

  4. Aw thats too bad about the garden.
    My potted flowers are doing well this year in the soil with manure in it
    I tried using expensive fertilizers but they never worked The old ways are still the best.
    For some reason the weeds always know how to survive. Thanks to the tractor we can chop them down real short but in the fields they sure look nice.

  5. Nature is remarkable...always chasing us with her ever changing beauty!

  6. We had a very wet summer and the grass stayed green...until lately. It's been drier than normal and I've been trying to keep the flowers going...but it's also been very cool. I'm sure a frost will do them in before the dry does! Love the pic...I always think Mother Nature is such a kidder...most of the weeds look the prettiest in the Fall!

  7. I like the way you see things

  8. She's fickle but she always makes time to show us her beauty. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze.


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