Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A gift that keeps on giving

I love it when the bleeding hearts bloom. They seem shy in spring. At least they aren't teased into bloom by early warm days, only to hang shivering until warm days decide arrive to stay.

Once they venture out, they look like tiny petals carved painstakingly from porcelain, with blood-red tongues.  They bloom until the killing frosts of October or early November.

We always cart this pot of flower inside to let them winter by the window inside our utility room.

This plant was a gift from Jilda's grandmother.  We often sit on the deck on summer afternoons when long shadows cast by the setting sun creep across our deck. One of us thank Mamie for the gift that keeps on giving that she gave us so long ago.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    It's beautiful--I'd like to thank Mamie, too!!

  2. A little care has made them a lasting source of enjoyment.

  3. I have a couple of bleeding heart plants here at my house. They are planted outside in the flower bed and come up again year after year. They were given to me by my mom many years ago and like you I am very thankful for the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. The gift is beautiful, the thought even more so. Some things in life are more than they seem on the surface. Thanks for sharing the beauty in words and sight.

  5. Beautiful plant and a n even more beautiful reminder of a dear relative.

  6. It is very beautiful! What a lovely gift!x

  7. They are always so pretty and dainty and this one is special because it was given by her grandmom

  8. Mamie lives on through this beautiful heirloom plant. I have a Hoya that belonged to my husband's grandmother that is still growingat my house.


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