Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blackberry cobbler coming up

Have you ever had fresh blackberry cobbler? I mean one that's fresh out of the oven. It's so hot that you know you'll burn your mouth. So you get a spoonful of piping hot pie and blow to cool it just enough so it would be too painful.

We'll have one of those pies this weekend. When we walked yesterday, I saw berries as big as my thumb by the walking path. When I stepped to the edge to get a better look, I could see the vines are hanging full.

I can't wait.


  1. Yum, yum yum:) I miss my mom in laws peach cobbler-soooo good

  2. Anonymous1:29 AM

    You're lucky that Jilda still enjoys cooking!!

  3. What a lucky guy you are. You should really take a photo of the blackberry before eating. My mouth is watering.
    Have a berry nice day.

  4. Those blackberries do look wonderful. I've found the remedy to hot cobbler, just put a big scoop of ice cream on top. Enjoy yours !

  5. You've made my mouth water.

  6. I want some; I want some.

  7. Thou hast a way of conjuring up good memories. We had family blackberry picking, it took me so long to get the bottom of my bucket covered. I ate too many.
    The photo looks delicious. We usually get about one pie around here and the berries are not big.
    BUT I do like blackberry pie or cobbler.

  8. Jack's Mom and I would pick blackberries and black raspberries on their farm. She made the most amazing cobblers. Your post brought back great memories of those days! Perhaps because she was a southern lady explains why she was such a wonderful cook! Enjoy your weekend and cobbler!


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