Sunday, June 14, 2015


We have solar lights around our yard that twinkle on at dusk. The other day when I wrote about the incredible sky, this is one of the pictures I took to try and capture the magic of the color.  When I looked at the picture on the small screen of my phone, it looked promising, but once I put in on the computer, I could tell the color wasn't even close. So I did this black and white version.

The thing about photography, blogging, and creativity is that you don't always know what will work until you try. Some things resonate, and some things fall as flat as a Junebug on a windshield.
This picture did not resonate with me, but still it was worth going through the motions because the only way you can ever create anything of value is the make a lot of crap along the way.

So there.


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I, myself, have made LOTS of crap!!

  2. I am laughing at the fishducky. ME TOO and not just photos. LOL
    But the B/W is neat. I fist saw Palm trees that I realized in a little while were flowers.
    I like it. Have a great week.

  3. Actually it is a rather interesting picture. It looks like you were lying flat on the ground and captured your light and a small cluster of marigolds(?) along with the trees and sky.

  4. You never know till you try! That's for sure.

  5. I know those Marigolds anywhere, even disguised as palm trees. hehe... You must have had to get on your belly to take that photo. Now that's dedication.... A lovely B/W photo. I've been wanting to get me some of those solar lights but have resisted so far. It's just a want and not a need.
    have a great day.

  6. I have heard that with photos you usually end up taking a heap of crap shots to get a few wonderful ones


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