Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Mental pictures

After work today I came home to write. I had a magazine story and my column to polish so I smoked the keys on my laptop.

I have a chime on my computer that sounds every 30 minutes. I set the chime to remind me of the passing of time. It's easy for me to get lost in the words, and where they sometimes lead me. I don't always know when I start, where I'll end. I'm often surprised by the twists and turns in my stories.

I ignored the chime twice, but the third time it seemed to be louder and buzzed slightly in my ears so I took that as a sign I need to stretch.

When I stood, my knees squeaked and "sitting cramp" in my lower back took a moment to stretch out. I shuffled into the bedroom to put on my shoes so that I could step outside and close the chickens in for the evening.

Once on the deck, I was struck by the color of light. Off to the south, I could hear thunder in the distance and dark clouds boiling in slow motion.  But the sun to the west would not be denied. The result was a butter-colored sky.

I tried to take pictures, but no camera can capture light that subtle...that beautiful. So I snapped a mental photograph. I think a remarkable invention would a processor that could develop mental pictures.


  1. That is a nice thought. I actually remember times when the sky would be an astoundingly beautiful color. The problem is that the picture of the color is not clear.

  2. Even with a processor, it would be hard to duplicate Mother Nature ever changing colors and patterns. The chime on the computer is a great idea. I use a wind up timer. I'm still in the dinosaur age.
    Have a great midweek day.

  3. It is good for you to get up and stretch and when you get a view like that it makes your break even better. Very inspirational I would think. Something about watching the clouds is very relaxing.

  4. I hate it when I see an amazing effect of nature but my camera won't capture it. Maybe that's why I paint.

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Mother Nature beats technology every time!!

  6. I can imagine how wondrous the sky looked. I can see some of the colours but oh how we wish we could capture what we see. I wonder if each person could take an actual picture of what we see, if we would all see the same thing?

  7. I so get how we can become caught up in the words and the mental pictures we create


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