Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I had a doctor's appointment just after lunch today so heading in to work early this morning to get some work done at school seemed like a good move.  The ride down just after 7 AM wasn't bad. I rolled down the windows and jacked up the stereo.  If I'd had hair, it would have been blowin' in the wind. 

When I left out just before noon, the mercury had darted northward in the thermometer and the cab of my truck was hot enough to bake scones. When I flipped on the AC, it seemed to be blowing only hot air.

With older vehicles, I have the local repair shop on speed dial so I dialed them up asked if they could check the coolant in my AC.  They are a great bunch and told me to stop by. 

About halfway down, the AC began blowing cold air and by the time I arrived, it was comfortable in the cab. I decided to let them check it out anyhow.

When one of the owners pulled it into one of the bays, he bent over and looked under the truck and saw condensation dripping from the unit.

"I might be wrong," he said. "But I'd be willing to bet it's not low of coolant." He pointed out that I was driving a black truck. He went on to say that it was 96 degrees outside, and then he had the audacity to remind me that I was a year older.

When they put the gauges on the unit, it was fully charged.  I was happy, but I still winced slightly, recalling the words of the owner.

When I stepped over to the front counter to settle up, the owner smiled and asked "Was it low?"

"How does it feel to be a smart ass?" I asked.  He howled with laughter, as he said, "No charge."

They were still laughing when I walked out the door.

Ornamental ginger in our back yard


  1. At least you weren't charged.

  2. Life is good when you think you have a problem, and find out you don't.
    There aren't many words sweeter than, "No charge".
    What beautiful color in that flower.

  3. I had a black station wagon for a while when my children were small. That was the hottest vehicle I ever owned. The air conditioner worked fine or so they said. But we sweltered all summer in that thing.

  4. My kind of mechanic.

  5. For a mechanic working in 96 degree heat I'd say your man has a good truck-side manner. Your parting question was taken as good-natured banter among men and the laughter it brought is a gift. Thanks for an enjoyable vignette!

  6. I like a good humor mechanic that can take the heat as well as wise cracks and let you go free of charge. Some places, one might get shot for such a comment. Lady luck was on your side. I wonder if you use that quote again for another reason if you'll be as lucky.
    Have a great day.

  7. My first thought was "They better not charge him!" I guess I think getting laughed at for free is easier to swallow! My AC isn't working in my 14yr old car...I think I'll just live with it!

  8. You sure dodged the bullet on that one.

  9. The mechanic sounds...honest-this is rare indeed:) Glad it was no charge


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