Thursday, June 04, 2015

You lose some, you win some

I finished up work today and got home just as Jilda was leaving. I had some things around the house that needed doing but when I stepped out on the back deck, the sky was aqua with doughy clouds drifting listlessly across the sky.

I've been reading The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway and I'd just finished the part about them fly fishing in Spain. I thought to myself, fly fishing would be a better use of my afternoon.

I quickly loaded my stuff and headed to the water. Pulling into the fly shop to get any fishing news, the owner told me that the power company planned to turn on the turbines at 4 p.m. When I looked at my watch it was 3:45.

The owner told me of a place about a hundred feet below the dam where there is a small spillway and when the water begins to rise, it will force the river to back up into the spillway. At the mouth of the spillway, the food that trout love churns and some of it drifts toward the spillway, making that one small area ideal for catching fish even with the turbines running full blast.

I tried my luck for a while, but they didn't seem to be biting. However, something interesting happened. I lost one of my shoes. I won't tell the story tonight because as I limped back to the truck, I wrote most of this next week's column. It's pretty funny. So even though I lost a shoe, something good did come out of it.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Lose a shoe, gain a column!!

  2. I never catch any fish but fishing is so relaxing. I enjoy the quiet and the sounds of the water and the breezes.... well I like it.

  3. I am smiling. Never lost a shoe fishing, This is gonna be good. I do like the sky. I must try fly fishing someday..
    Take care.. Are you keeping the shoe hoping the other will return? (smile)

  4. LOL.

    It's an ill wind that doesn't blow some good somewhere isn't it?

    Ms Soup

  5. Hearing that you limped back to the truck doesn't sound so good. But as something good came out of it all, we can be thankful.

  6. Oh that's pretty funny... One shoe left is better than none I think. At least you got a column out of it and now you can buy yourself a new pair of shoes.

    Better luck with catching fish next time.

  7. My brother showed me a place near a dam, where catfish meander. Never went back to fish, regretfully.
    Sorry about your shoe. I hope it was an old one.

  8. Spending time fishing is relaxing, to me....
    I look forward to the post about your lost shoe.


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