Saturday, June 20, 2015

The kids are back in town

Tonight I am weary. We had a birthday party for "the kids" this afternoon. My nephew James, his wife, and four kids now live in Mississippi and whenever "the kids" come home, we try to do something to celebrate.

Our great-nephew Jordan who lives next door to us has been on high alert all week. Today as the minutes ticked away, he stood beside the windows peering out.

The moment "the kids" drove into the driveway, he launched out the door to greet them. They immediately went to the back yard carrying a bucket of water toys.

Once in the backyard, they filled the water cannons and water guns.  Within minutes they were all soaked to the bone. For over 90 minutes, they ran around our back yard hosing each other down.

It was all we could do to towel them off for everyone to eat the hotdogs off the grill.

All-in-all it was a fun day for the kids...and the adults too. There's nothing more enjoyable that watching a pack of kids laugh and play for hours on end.

Right now, I have the water on for a nice cup of honey lavender tea. After that, it's pillow time.


  1. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Lots of happy in that picture!!

  2. Look at those sweet faces! Brings back memories of Summer days running through the sprinkler in the lawn! Throw in a grilled hotdog and life is good! Have a good rest of your weekend!

  3. I image all those kids can be exhausting. Rest up.

  4. I am sure you will sleep as well as all those little ones.

  5. lovely pictures

  6. That does sound like an exhausting day...but a fun one, the smiles are proof.

  7. Kids, a hot day and water toys. No one minds getting soaked. YOu guys are always fantastic hosts... NOW REST!

  8. What an exhausting day but also what a great day, all those smiling faces so great

  9. That's a lot of energetic kids to have to feed but they sure know how to entertain themselves.
    It makes great memories and change your routine.
    You're a good uncle.


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