Saturday, June 13, 2015


I stepped out early this morning to feed the birds. Deer came in the night and licked the feeders clean. They do that from time to time. I put out corn, but the must munch the bird seed for a snack.

The squirrels get their share of seed. It would be easy to think they waste more than they eat, but what hits the ground, gets eaten by morning doves, and other ground feeders.

After pouring the feeders full, I uncoiled the hosepipe to fill the birdbath and the fountain at the edge of the screen porch.

As I stood there filling the fountain, I looked up to see a patch of sunlight highlighting a lavender Rose-a-Sharon blossoms. Jilda had told me they were blooming, but I had forgotten to look for them.

I love these bushes. They are low maintenance, and they will have thousands of blooms until later summer. We have the lavender bushes and a white ones.

Most of the other flowers are giving away to the heat, but the Rose-a-Sharon blossoms thrive.

I'm glad Jilda's mom insisted we plant some when we moved here.


  1. There was a fence around my old back yard, for the dogs. I planted it entirely with Rose of Sharon. My dad always called them weeds, but I loved them.

    1. I would gladly let those "Weeds" take over.

  2. Anonymous12:43 AM

    They are beautiful!!

  3. They are beautiful and I have lots of them here at my house. The line the fence line like shrubs . Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday there.

  4. My hubby loves this bush and we plan on getting this for our backyard

  5. It is very pretty. I have seen them but I have not planted any... yet.

  6. They are so pretty looking although I have never heard of them till now

  7. Our first home had beautiful rose of Sharon and I loved them! We have one here and I think we need a few more. It's not blooming yet...come July and the lavender blooms will be visible. Enjoy yours!

  8. Those are beautiful! I love finding nice surprises like flowers blooming - it's a little gift to my spirit.


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