Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stay Cool

We have company coming this weekend and we've been doing some sprucing up. Our front flower beds had pansies and they were beautiful this spring, but they don't do summer...and since summer decided to crash the last few days of spring the days have been warm. A few days ago when I came back into the driveway, I paused long enough to look the pansies over. They looked dry enough to smoke.

So today one of the chores was to pick up some impatiens which love hot weather. The only thing that like hotter weather is okra. I think okra would thrive in the oven while the cornbread was baking. 

After we got home just before lunch, we realized we didn't get potting soil. So after lunch and a nap, I jumped in the truck to head back to town to get some potting soil and a fan for the chicken pen. 

After picking up what I needed at WallyWorld, I pulled out of the lot and glanced over at the blinking bank sign. I snapped a picture so you would know I wasn't pulling your leg.

Y'all stay cool.


  1. Wow... now that is hot Rick... I would melt there... ;-)

  2. Still cool enough here for my pansies, but the rabbits eat all the blooms.

  3. OK...that's insane! I am horrible in hot weather.

  4. It is hot also here in NC. I always enjoy coming here. Your penchant for great descriptive phrases draws me here. This time it was this line that knocked me over.:
    I think okra would thrive in the oven while the cornbread was baking.

    Since I love okra but haven't grown it but twice, I still think I know what you were saying. However I did not know that about impatiens, they were one of my sweet MIL's favorites.
    Enjoy the company!

  5. You are ambitious if you are having guests and doing some gardening. Enjoy both.

  6. Wow, it must be hot hot hot. I would melt like wax. It might be time to replace your pansies with artificial flowers for color here and there. Some are so realistic looking that you have to take a close look.

    I hope that you'll get a cool breeze and rain to cool things down.

  7. 105 degrees is way too hot. Hope you stay cool there too. Not much is being done outside here at my house, but every now and then we get a break from the heat and humidity then I get outside as much as possible.

  8. Wow! That's darn hot!

  9. Oh that's just nuts...

  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Too hot for fishduckies--or humans, for that matter!!

  11. I think I got a hot flash just looking at that sign! I'm throwing some humidity in with that...oh man that's miserable! It was in the mid 80's today and also humid since we've been getting rain on and off for weeks. Keep everyone and all your animals comfy Rick! Take care!

  12. I'm participating in the Heart Walk in downtown Birmingham on June 27 -- I hope we're a bit cooler by then.


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