Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fortuitous sidetrip

A few years ago Jilda and I were roaming down an Alabama backroads on our way to Mississippi when we took a wrong turn.

A few miles later we realized we were seeing none of the landmarks her sister had scribbled on the back of a brown paper sack and decided to make a U-turn. Looking for a wide place in the road to pull off, we came upon an old Methodist Church in Giger, Alabama.

I soon realized that the sidetrack was advantageous and pulled off the road to snap a picture. The structure wasn't fancy, but beautiful in a simple way and it looked like it had painted windows.

I love it when the Universe wants to show you something.


  1. Yes, YES! Thanks for a beautiful picture. I make a lot of wrong turns. It is good when something like this happens, then I am not so upset at myself.
    I am glad you can KNOW to STOP and take the shot. I am always saying, I should have got a picture of that.
    Stay cool...

  2. I take wrong turns all the time.
    Pretty little church and I love those windows.
    Have a great day.

  3. Rick you have such a great way of looking at things... such a nice picture ♡

  4. They do say there are really no accidents in life and every thing happens for a reason. It is a beautiful church. Simple is sometimes best.

  5. Sometimes a wrong turn can lead one on a mini adventure. The windows look so pretty. Love to see inside

  6. That church is elegant in its simplicity. Things like that put me in mind of my youth.

  7. Some things demand to be seen.

  8. Oh, that's beautiful.


  9. I so agree! Some of our best adventures have happened when we went off the beaten track.


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