Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Days of our Lives

I said goodbye to an old friend today. He  was a good bit older than me and married with kids, but his mom and dad lived across the road from me when I was in grammar school. He was there a great deal, and I became close to his kids.

Once I graduated from high school and started to college, I had to work nights to pay for school. It was during this time that he was laid off from his job. An electrician by trade, I suggested he put in an application where I worked.  He did and they hired him on the spot. He worked there long after I was drafted into the Army.

Later, we saw each other occasionally at funerals and/or community gatherings but lost touch in the last several years.

When my sister called to tell me he had died, I thought of him. Not in the later years, but back in 1969 when he was young and strong as a bull.

I know these last few posts have not been uplifting, but the title of the soap opera said it best - these are The Days of Our Lives.


  1. It is sad when we start seeing people we grew up with and were young and robust, die. It almost seems wrong because we think of them young. I knew someone who died this past year and he was only 61. He had so much promise but he let his life of negative things get the better of him. He died alone in his bed surrounded by dust, dirt, half empty food boxes and over 110 cases of beer and many empty bottles. It is sad because it didn't need to be. I hope your friend had a much fuller life and that is what one must look at

  2. I was asked once why I chose to read and write fiction. I have thought about that and I am sure it is because I live reality 24 hours a day.
    I know things will happen, like you say in this post. We are going to remember the good times one day when we say good bye
    Real life post, I will say amen to Joeh above.

  3. It is hard to know that people we care about are not here anymore. It is the nature of growing old but it is still not easy.

  4. I'm sure the man was grateful to you for suggesting he apply for a job at your workplace. None of us are as fit and strong as were were in 1969... I'm happy to still be here.

    Ms Soup

  5. Awe I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like you were a good friend to him. And you are right, the seasons of our life are just like that sappy soap opera I still find myself watching.

  6. It's nice you have some good times to remember. Death is just as much a part of our lives as birth is. My sympathies for your loss.

  7. My condolences for the lost of your friend.

  8. It is terrible when an old friend dies, it was only earlier last month that I myself found myself going to a funeral of an old family friend, the older we get the more funerals we attend it is just part of getting older


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