Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flipping pages

This evening I looked down at the table next to my computer where there's a desk calendar. I love the calendar there because when I'm talking on the phone, it's big enough to jot down dates, numbers, and  other information while I'm talking. I buy one every year.

When I looked at the calendar just then, it still had Julys calendar displaying. I had not flipped August or September over. Turning the old months over, it occurred to me that time seems to be moving at the speed of a flipping page.

One moment I'm looking forward to the warm sun and budding trees of spring but before I know it autumn is upon us with the holidays just around the corner. And so on.

I guess that's a function of getting older. Perhaps that's why I take so many pictures. It's a way of documenting that I've been here. 

This morning during our walk, I snapped this picture of sun on a beauty berry. I'm thankful I didn't sleepwalk by it too.


  1. Reminds me of how the old movies used to convey passing time with the calendar and months then years ripping off, or the fast moving clock.

  2. you are hitting the nail squarely on the head lately. I know this line, but I have never thought of it in this light.:........
    I guess that's a function of getting older. Perhaps that's why I take so many pictures. It's a way of documenting that I've been here. .

    Thanks... I am sure you are right........

  3. Beautiful berries and plant....
    Incredible colors!
    Great idea about keeping the calendar nearby to record events for the upcoming month.
    My problem would be FINDING THE CALENDAR on my messy desk. Sigh.
    And...time does move so quickly, doesn't it?
    That's one reason I blog with photos. It helps me remember the past....even if the past is only yesterday.
    Sending smiles to you,

  4. My daughter-in-law kept one when my grandchildren were small. Each Sunday she would pull it from under the couch to see who was doing what during the upcoming week. Her organization amazed me.

  5. I do like the way you think and enjoy the pictures too.

  6. The beauty berry is lovely. I don't remember seeing any as a kid when I roamed the woods, but I do have some growing on property not far from where I grew up. When I was there last week, I broke off a few branches and brought them home. They are in a vase on the piano. The leaves wilted, though, and never recovered.
    I like the idea of freezing time in a photo. I think I do that, too.

  7. Time is flying that is for sure... I remember how long summers lasted when I was younger but now they are here and gone before I know it xox

  8. I just keep track of appointments with my hammer and chisel, because, according to Millennials, calendars belong in the stone age, having been replaced by the smartphone. Oh my; I'll never catch up.

  9. Those berries look like violet pearls.

  10. Are they edible? Sure are amazing.

  11. Are they edible? Sure are amazing.

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    The colors in that photo are gorgeous!!

  13. yes you're right about time passing so quickly.
    Those berries are so pretty.


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