Thursday, September 17, 2015


I had meetings on the edge of Alabama today. At one point when I crested a hill, I thought I caught a glimpse of Mississippi.

Driving there this morning, there were miles of corn, cotton, and soybeans. Harvest season for corn has passed and most of the barren stalks standing were the color of hay, but it's cotton pickin' time here. The angle of the sun made one stretch look like the farmer was growing a field of clouds.

On the way home after the meeting, I passed one field filled with yellow daisies. I slowed to get a better look, but a chicken truck was closing fast and I could not tarry.

I drove about a half mile, but I hit the blinker,  turned around and headed back. This time there were no approaching vehicles, so I pulled to the side of the road.

Gravel crunched under my shoes, as I walked to the edge of the field to get a better angle for a picture.

Wading through thigh-high brush, I took several shots with my phone.

I stood there for a long moment drinking in the sight. The sun was warm on my face, but a westerly breeze made it comfortable. I could hear crows cawing from somewhere to my left, but I never saw them.

As I turned to leave, I noticed daisies that had escaped my noticed, so I changed my vantage point to get them in the bottom corner of the picture and shot a few more frames. I'm so glad I did.

Our brains are wired to notice everything, but through time we've trained the grey matter to only bother us with important data such as, "Is that donuts I smell?" or "Is that a snake?"

As a result, the brain doesn't send us those pesky notifications like, "HEY! LOOK AT THE LIGHT ON THOSE FLOWERS!!! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!" They are usually filed in some dark fold of our memory and rarely recalled.

I'm glad my brain escalated the notification today.


  1. I for one, am glad you CAN and do take the time to catch 'That Shot'. I enjoyed the road trip, and this sight highlighted it of course. My brain says, you shoulda stopped, My conscientiousness says you will see another one, lying to myself.

  2. It somehow makes me think of the Wizard of Oz scene inn the poppie field.

  3. Once you start to look about there are many, many things to see. Well done with that photo.

    Ms Soup

  4. Nice you were elevated to new heights there. The pictures are beautiful.

  5. My brain always alerts me to interesting light and natural formations. Maybe I should have been a landscape painter.

  6. When such a scene catches your eye, it makes perfect sense to do a U-turn, or whatever it takes to get back where such beauty waits.

  7. I'm glad that you take time to notice the gifts that mother Nature gives every day. Most of us are just so busy and preoccupied to even take notice. You seem to have cultured that quality.

  8. Those drives can be enjoyable if you take the time to drink in the sights. I think you experienced a "you can't see the trees for the forest" moment.

  9. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I'm glad you stopped, too!!

  10. I could just picture your drive

  11. This photo looks like a postcard....
    So pretty!

  12. I love it that you went back to take the beauty all in


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