Thursday, September 24, 2015

Parting shot

I spent a few hours this evening cleaning up our old Volvo. It's been sitting faithfully in the yard ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. About once a week I crank her up so the battery stays charged.

She runs great but needs a little work before I put the For Sale sign in the window. It's still the prettiest cars we've ever owned but with over 300,000 miles, it's time to let her go. Our driveway will be a little sad when she's gone.

Monday evening I snapped this picture just before yoga class. It was almost too dark. The underexposed shot made the grey clouds turn green.


  1. Interesting parting shot.

  2. I remember when getting 100,000 miles on a car was a big deal. 300,000 you got your monies worth.

  3. Anonymous10:42 PM

    If I painted a sunset in those colors, people would say it didn't look real--but it's beautiful!!

  4. 300,000 miles on the old Volvo... I would say that car has paid it's dues and own nothing to anyone.
    The photo looks doctored but it's beautiful.

  5. I love sunsets, they always remind me to be thankful for each day. Beautiful parting shot for sure!

  6. Love to see a picture of your Volvo:) Love the colours that turned up in your shot-I want to be home now to create a card

  7. First I have to comment on the previous post...I know, I'm a bit behind! You know I love cemeteries and your pic is just beautiful and down right celestial! Now, about that Volvo...300,000! Shouldn't the Volvo company give you a new one after that many miles? That's darn good advertising! Love the sunset pic too..another fav of mine!

  8. It is hard to part with a beloved car. They do become members of the family.

  9. The picture brought a smile, I thought of the old western song 'Buttermilk sky'. Funny how a car attaches itself to you.. It is tough to keep 'em all, but I sure would have liked to. I had a BIL that did, but they became 'project cars' in a few years.


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