Saturday, September 12, 2015


We ran to the pharmacy to pick up some scripts and swung back through Home Depot to find a replacement doggy door. Through the years, the pups have worn the flap hangers out and now it's only attached by one corner.

Yesterday after our walk, Caillou reached the deck before we did and was standing in front of the door looking at it as he was embarrassed to have to enter such a sad excuse for an entryway.

The Home Depot had plenty of doors, but none big enough to get his big butt through. He now weighs 82 pounds and is as wide as an Edsel.

On the way back to the car, Jilda suggested we swing through the garden shop. I got an uneasy feeling in the wallet area but agreed on the detour.

A few minutes later we left with a back seat full of mums that were beginning to bloom. When we arrived home, I unloaded the mums on the walk. We'll do potting tomorrow.

Below are a few of the pots we bought, I couldn't get them all in the picture. We'll turn this place into Mumville before the first day of autumn.


  1. Yeah, let's swing by the garden shop means WORK! I'm smiling 'cause I wouldn't feel up to it today! hahahaha

  2. They are so pretty, though! Nice and full, and gorgeous colors.

  3. Well, I got a mum today, too! I told my husband to keep his eye out for mums and let me know what prices he found them at. (I was trying to do this as cheaply as possible.) He thought I was hinting for him to get me one, so he came home with a nice, large burgundy one. He said I had given enough hints. I had to shake my head. I told him I'm not a hinter; I'm very straightforward. I really wanted us to scout out the cheapest ones so I could get a couple of gold colored ones to put in the flower bed nearest the street.
    Oh, well, I will put the burgundy one on the sidewalk, and I will still get a couple for the flower bed.
    Mumville is always a pretty place!

  4. Beautiful! Those are colors I hope to see in abundance again. Right now we're just trying to see what plants we can keep alive in this time of water-rationing --self-imposed for us because we're on our own well, but necessary. A visually refreshing post, thanks!

  5. Your poor dog being compared to an Edsel:) Our fat cat, Mia, took the cat door with her because she is slightly, well, not slightly, fat. We heard this crash and got up to see her walk away with the plastic frame around her. She is going on a diet. Love the mums:)

  6. I have always been leery of pet doors. I am worried that an animal I do not consider a pet will decide to use it to come in but not to go back out.

  7. Mums are beautiful this time of year. They do radiate some brilliant colors. I have one here that has survived a couple of Ohio winters and so far has no buds at all. But it is still growing. I may have to buy a new one in order to see some flowers, but I won't get rid of the old one. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday ! Sounds like it may be a busy one.

  8. Money well spent. Mum are so "friendly"!

  9. Great choice for fall flowers. I love mums and they are everywhere right now. They get to look better as time goes on.


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