Saturday, September 05, 2015

Fallen Limb

There's an 80-foot oak tree in the front yard of the old house at the back of our property. In spring and summer when the leaves are full, it looks as big as Rhode Island.

One of the bottom limbs which is 20 feet off the ground once had a swing hanging. According to an elderly neighbor, the kids in the community played on that swing for years.

By the time we moved here in 1980, the seat of the swing had rotted and the ropes were no longer hanging from the limb. But standing under the canopy I could see where the ropes had choked the bark for years. I've been saying forever that it would only be a matter of time before the limb fell. This past week, my prediction came true.

The thunderstorm that rumbled through brought the limb down. What's interesting is that even though the limb has been dead for years, there was a lot of life that called that limb home.

Thankfully the higher limbs on the old oak are still sound, but I'd love to get up there to see what else is living there.


  1. A beautiful photo to illustrate the circle of life....

  2. My computer seems to be working again(fingers crossed). I loved swinging on old fashioned hand made swings. The story the tree could tell.

  3. A tree is a universe unto itself.

  4. Ah but the limb gave a lot of joy in life, and in death was also giving life, yep from he picture, lots of it.
    Good it did no damage....

    I love tree swings.. Nothing like the challenge to see who can go the highest.
    From NC

  5. When exhausted of sustenance, life on that limb will send spores elsewhere. We biologicals are quite opportunistic --good thing too.

  6. The various parasitic lives growing on the limb are actually quite pretty. Tree swings are another joy of our youth that children do not get to experience any more. Too bad.

  7. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

  8. We can learn so much from trees, they are so giving.
    They give us beauty with each changing seasons, privacy, shade, refuge for birds and mammals of all kind, a place to raise their young.

    They are food and refuge for insects and fungi of all kinds. They provide us with wood for furnitures like beds to sleep in, chairs and benches to rest our butts on tables to eat on and building and shelter, a place to rest and ponder the wonder of this world.

    Kids can climb its branches and sit up there and feel tall and swing to their hearts content.
    Trees let us carve a heart in their bark keeps the marks as a reminder of that first love....

    They serves as wind break and utility poles and fences and railroads and bridges and wheels for wagons and many many more. They provide a place to gather as community to worship.

    The leaves are also useful in the circle of life for the loam that feeds it for tiny creatures even too small to see... There are all kind of trees, some with medicinal purposes other uses like the rubber trees and I could sing it's praise on and on.... Most signers knows the value of a good guitar and other countess musical instrument made of wood to accompany their singing.

    Christmas wouldn't be the same without a Christmas tree...
    So in praise of the trees, I stand humbled and thankful for them. I'm sure you can find many uses for the.
    Have a great day Rick and go hug a tree today.

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Beautifully put!!

  9. What a poignant example of the circle of life!
    Sometimes I find the ravages nature too much to bear, but this image is reassuring.

  10. We had a similar oak tree in our back yard, too. Finally, about ten years ago it had to come down. We were concerned its roots were holding up on corner of our house. Apparently not. The house still stands. :) I really like that image.

  11. I can picture the tree just from your words and what a great picture it is


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