Tuesday, September 08, 2015


They often come out at night like friendly ghosts. But sometimes during morning coffee they walk right up to drink from the birdbath not 20 feet from our windows, licking birdseed from the feeders with twitching tails and ears as they peer at us through the glass. They look at us curiously as if we were interlopers. In a sense, we are.

Usually, they are camera shy. If I step to our windows with a camera while they are feeding or drinking, they'll dart off as if I caught them skinny dipping.

We'll feed them for a while longer, but hunting season starts soon and they'll have to rely on Mother Nature for their food. But meantime, we'll enjoy their company.


  1. I know it's necessary to thin herds so the animals don't die of starvation in winter, but I just don't like hunting unless desperate for food.

    1. I agree CC, and I love watching them, but they are also a major road hazard around here crumpling cars and seriously hurting passengers. We never used to see them, but building and suburban sprawl have encroached on their territory.

  2. Interesting that you would blog about visitors--that's what my blog post was about this evening as well. My critter visitors are much smaller, though.
    The deer are interesting to watch, but they do wreak havoc on gardens. As Joe mentioned, they are also a hazard on the road. Between my husband, my son, and me, we have hit 5 deer with our vehicles.
    Nice picture. I only saw the buck at first, but I finally saw the second deer next to the tree in front of the buck.

  3. Deer are fascinating to watch. One time we had two fawns who had wandered into the opening behind the house. They played and grazed out there for a long, long time and I watched for just as long. Finally an older deer came and shooed them away.

  4. There's a small herd that hangs around my back field and I love to see them. They practically float over the fences like they're not there.

  5. The deer come and go here...never know when they'll appear! When I was home this past Winter I saw 5 that would visit same time, twice a day. I walked the cemetery yesterday and practically tripped over one only to have about 20 right behind me! I was glad they took off for the woods. Maybe they thought I was a ghost!

  6. I know deer can be pests with people's garden but they are such gentle looking creatures and I love watching them

  7. A photo helps prove they were there though

  8. I'd love to skinny dip. That's something I've never done.


  9. Deers are pretty to watch but as I was walking on our street one misty morning, I saw a buck who was coming toward me. i kept walking thinking he would dash away but he kept coming straight toward me. I had a big black closed umbrella in my hand and I opened it up and closed several time and he got turned on it's hells and dashes away and I continued my walk. I never was afraid of them before but now I'm guarded. A deer has the ability to tramp a man to death with it's sharp hooves.

    I love seeing them in a wild life park behind a fence. They are such pretty animals.

  10. it should be he turned on it's heels...


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