Thursday, September 03, 2015

No idea

I searched for the name of this roadside grass, but I couldn't find it. One picture I found called it  Pennisetum but when I searched on that name I got a different kind of feathery grass.

I shot this picture yesterday on the way home. The sun to the west was highlighting it and a quick look in the mirror showed no cars on my bumper, so I pulled to the side, hopped out and shot a few snaps.

So not only do I have no idea what kind of grass this is, I also have no idea of what to write tonight.
What do you write about when you have no idea?


  1. They look like living musical notes.

    What do I write when i have no idea? I write about my last quarrel with the missus. Readers can't get enough of relationship dynamics. Unfortunately, my readers always side with my wife.

  2. That is 'Fuzzy Worm' weeds. Or that is what I called it all my life. Never knew the name.
    Always fun to drop by.

  3. I had to go and tuck my girl in. I just wanted to say. Thanks always for a good read.

  4. They DO look like musical notes.

  5. If you find the real name I would love to know it. I have seen this all my life. What do I write about when I have no idea? I have no idea.

  6. I'd probably write and say I saw the first fuzzy black caterpillar today. Better get that snow blower tuned up.

  7. Great photo. I know the name of that plant but I'm not telling. Check your email.

    Ms Soup

  8. Rick, I think you are right with "pennisetum." The common name would be fountaingrass. I don't know which species the common one that we see everywhere is, but I'm pretty sure it is in the pennisetum genus. There are ornamental cultivars as well. I like what Jack called it--"fuzzy worm weeds." Grandpa showed me how to take an upside down seed head of this fuzzy worm weed in a gently closed fist. By gently loosening and tightening the fist just the tiniest wee bit, the "fuzzy worm" would emerge from its hole between your index finger and thumb. (As my husband likes to say, "I can show you better than I can tell you.")

  9. Oh, and I do love to see the sun shining on the fountaingrass seed heads (backlit is especially nice). It always whispers to me that summer is ending and fall is on its way.

  10. Oh I remember this grass and loved to walk through it with my hands riding across it. Sometimes when i have nothing to say (which is rare) I actually say nothing. Now that is rare. Gosh you brought back fond memories for me since I grew up in the country and this grass would be almost as tall as me.

  11. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I have no idea what I'm going to write about roughly 90% of the time--as you can tell by reading my posts!!

  12. You can always talk about how intelligent crows are. hehe. They are amazing birds even though they are so annoyingly noisy. Sorry Rick, I don't know anything about that grass. Fuzzy worm grass sounds good.


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