Sunday, September 06, 2015

End of summer

I know summer won't officially be over for another few weeks, but tomorrow is the symbolic end of summer. This weekend TV screens filled with college football and yesterday as I drove to the grocery story, which is 11 miles away, I smelled the unmistakable aroma of BBQ grills.

Jilda and I played a community festival not far from our home at 2 p.m. yesterday. The temp was around 97 with wind out of the...well, there was no wind. A kite would have laid on the ground like a stone.

When we walked off stage, we'd perspired so much it looked as if both of us looked had hygiene issues.

The clouds moved in the late afternoon and the rain cooled things down a bit, but we both took headaches from the head to bed.

This morning it was much cooler so after our morning walk, I jumped on the lawnmower and cut the field. The place now looks like a golf course.

We lunched with Jilda's sister Pat, and she has an amazing Lantana bush and I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Both Jilda and I are off tomorrow and we plan to rest. I hope you all have a remarkable holiday.


  1. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Sleep in, Rick--you deserve it!!

  2. Enjoy the day, Rick and Jilda!

  3. Now this is even hard for me to believe. This morning on a drive thru town, I stopped at a traffic light. My attention was to my right. 'Honey look at that beautiful bush, I have never seen so many different designs or colors of flowers on one bush.'
    I called Sherry's attention here. She said, that's it. You have just Identified that beautiful bush,, so it is a SAntana. I am not good at remembering, but maybe I will remember that. That is unbelievable. But thanks. Now 'Pumzika' That is YOU REST, In Swahili. Friend Fred named his cabin in the Smokies that, after may years in Africa.

  4. What a hot day...and no wind! I imagine you both were physically exhausted.
    I'm glad that today was cooler....that you both had a good weekend.
    Love the photo of the Lantana.

  5. I hope you have a relaxing holiday.

  6. The lantana is lovely. Have a relaxing Labor Day.

  7. Happy Labor Day to both of you today. Since you both have the day off, maybe you can have a little game of gulf right at home without having to pay a fee. ;)
    A very pretty flowering bush.


  8. It has been so hot here that I have not been outside. The hot weather affects me too much and I have trouble breathing. I can't wait until things cool down. I love this flower! I love how there are many different colours just one one flower alone. So pretty!

  9. I hope you and Jilda were able to get some rest.. we had some warmer weather the past few days ourselves but nothing as high as yours. I'm hoping our heat stays atound a while longer ♡

  10. For us winter is over and we are now in spring and the days are getting warmer, however, today I am cold and aching all over and feel like shit hope you are feeling better


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