Sunday, September 13, 2015


 One of our hens has one baby chick that we noticed in the yard yesterday. The hen is not much bigger than a pigeon, so her baby isn't much bigger than a moth. Our great nephew Jordan was out of town yesterday, but Jilda shot pictures of the new critter and sent them to Jordan's mom.

He was sooo excited. When he came over today he wanted to catch the tiny bird and pick it up, but the hen is a game and she wouldn't allow it. The hen appeared in our yard about six months ago. Game chickens are bred to fight. Even though the practice is illegal in most places, game chickens are still commonplace.

Obviously we don't raise fighting chickens, but we figured she ran away from someone who does and found refuge in our yard. She seems happy now.

Our other great nephew Anthony stopped by too to get a look at the baby.  The grownups sat around at talked while the kids ran around the yard exploring.

They decided to collect feather. All of a sudden, they would run to the porch with a handful of feathers to show us.

Both of them wanted plastic bags to take their feathers home with them. We were happy to oblige, though their parents weren't excited about taking the feathers home. I don't get it :)


  1. Someone's trash is someone else's treasure.

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Maybe they wanted to build their own chickens!!

  3. Collecting feathers is great fun for a kid. Even adults sometimes have use for a feather. My mom used to use the feather from a guinea fowl to dust the inner workings of her sewing machine. We didn't have guinea's, but our great aunt did, so periodically Mom would get a fresh feather from Aunt Deana's place.

  4. Paying attention to kids and their continued amazement in life's encounters has been one of my favorite past times. The excitement they have over the 'common place' causes me to remember, I haven't always been old and dull. ;-). It has always been an amazing thing to see the grand kids enjoy the boxes things come in as much as 'the things'. I love it that the kids wanted to take feathers home.... Neat!

    yes and proud the game hen has a home...

  5. I had never heard of game chickens...interesting.

  6. Oh my goodness. I am thinking of all the fun things those kids will be able to make and do with those feathers. They will have fun even if all they do is toss them in the air and watch them float to the ground.

  7. Children love things like feathers, they can make collages and put them in books... great memories :)

  8. The chicken knew what to do and glad she has made a home there. Feathers are great and how we should all be children again and she the wonders in a simple feather

  9. Your yard is just a gathering place for misplaced animals! They must know a safe haven when they see it! Little boys always want to collect "things" and feathers are more interesting than a rock!

  10. Just be thankful the boys collect feathers instead of big fat slimy slugs like one of my granddaughters used to do. Ok Yuck...



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