Thursday, March 24, 2016

A thousand miles

Yesterday was a page out of a picture book. Most of the trees between here and Memphis were sheathed in spring green and flowers of every color were in bloom. 

Dogwood and Wild Crabapple were in competition. The dogwood blossoms looked as if they were carved from bone, but the Crabapple were tinged with pink and a color I could not name. 

I tried to take pictures, but they were simply sad and I couldn't even use artsy-fartsy filters to cute the up.

Someone on Facebook asked, why on earth I would drive over 400 miles (round trip) to eat BBQ?

My only answer was because that's what my lovely spouse wanted to do on her birthday. I would have driven a thousand miles. 

We had an incredible meal, saw some beautiful scenery, and we got a story out of the deal. My sister-in-law Pat rode over with us and we had a large time. 

Today, on the other hand, has been an ol' rainy day.  I'm still on a decluttering mission and hit my office bookshelves today. When the rain slacked, I took a load of books to the Hannah Home collection center. It's a thrift store benefitting battered women. I hope they can sell the books and make a few bucks and help a woman in need.

Tommorrow the rain should be well to the east and we plant to put in some solid practice time for upcoming shows.

It's been a fun week so far. I hope you've had fun too.


  1. 400 miles is nothing to please a good woman.

  2. I hope the BBQ was as good as she wished. It sounds like a good day.

  3. For us, it is the trip. Good company and conversation. The great BBQ would be the bonus. For me, it is always a good feeling to do what she wants, she has done for me so much. I am sure it is the same on that end. Glad you guys had a LARGE time.

    Life is good.

  4. Anonymous11:13 PM

    It sounds like Jilda had a GREAT birthday!!

  5. We are not in full bloom here yet, but it has started. I have a lovely star Magnolia tree here that has half open blossoms on it now. I do love this time of year. Good you had such a great birthday trip!

  6. I bet Gilda enjoyed spending her special day traveling with you and enjoying that BBQ.

  7. Jilda must be worth her weight in gold for you to want to drive a thousand miles for BBQ on her birthday. Next year she might just ask you to drive that thousand miles.
    I don't think my husband would even light the BBQ for my birthday. He's not a BBQ fan, not much of a meat eater...haha. The photo isn't that bad. It looks like a painting. I love the perspective point.

  8. I like how you can can make the best out of a rainy day. Glad Jilda had a great BBQ birthday.

  9. A trip is nice every now and again--especially when the seasons are changing.

  10. You are truly blessed. You and Jilda, good bbq, dogwood and crabapple trees, and 400 miles to add to all the other miles you have traveled together: you are truly blessed!

  11. I know what you mean. Road trips with Jo Lynn are always fun, even if it's going to the doctor in Birmingham. We always stop on the way home and get a gargantuan sack of Krystals. Give Jilda a belated birthday hug from us.

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