Sunday, March 06, 2016

All was good with the world

I knew when I wrote at 11 p.m. last night that I would be sleeping in today...well that wasn't entirely
true. Normally I get up at 5:30 and meditate, but this morning I slept in until 6.

When the morning light peeps in around the bedroom blinds, my eyes open whether they've had enough sleep or not. I think it's somehow coded in my DNA (THANK YOU forefathers.)

But I punched the brew button on the coffee and assumed a meditative position. Just as the bliss was about to wash over me like warm summer seas, I heard Zeus the rooster crowing outside. He seemed to be saying, Free us, daddy!

I let them out of their pen on nice days to wander around the backyard scratching up bugs, ants, and other critters. So on pretty mornings, they are anxious to get at it, so I slipped on my sneakers and walked out to set them free.

When I went back inside, Jilda was stirring so I forgot about meditating and went down to fetch the Sunday papers.

After breakfast, I checked to make sure the winds were calm and then set fire to a mountain of debris that has fallen in the yard since summer.  It accumulates so quickly.

Once I got it moving, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I'd been storing our financial papers from the last century in our tool shed. Before finishing up at day's end, I'd burned over 100 pounds of old outdated records.

Burning the old wood and papers felt almost cathartic.

Tonight as I took the dinner scraps out to the compost bucket, the lingering aroma of wood smoke hung in the air like expensive incense. When I looked up, all I could see was a swarm of stars in the southern sky. All was good with the world.


  1. You've described a wonderfully tranquil scene.

  2. This sounds like a nice day all around. This reminds me to get to my bills

  3. Oh...what do I enter so you can. See I posted here??

  4. Sounds like a peace filled Sunday!

  5. I agree with Stephen completely.
    When we returned to NC this year my neighbor walked over to welcome us in and he was followed by 6 chickens, like little puppies. he had corn in his hand and fed them.
    We look like we are in the city at this location but is it 100 yards outside the city. I smiled because there no chickens allowed in the city. I was at the city council when it was passed and spoke to the situation. There were only two old ladies with chickens, the 'problem' would have aged out, but no way. We were growing from a town to a CITY. WEll we have grown to a big bedroom for Charlotte, NC. I always like your reference to chickens. Mama loved hers.

  6. Burning a lot of old paper is a great way to declutter the old useless receipts.It sounds like a nice quiet day.Do you name all your chicken? I would love to meet them.

  7. Nothing purges quite like a fire.

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    My husband retired about 30 years ago after practicing law for about 30 years. He still has his client's files on shelves in our garage. He'd probably get upset if I burned the garage down!!

  9. A perfect day! I understand about burning the old papers! It's like shredding! I love it!

  10. Even when I say I want to have a sleep in I still usually wake up around the same time each day

  11. If I were up at 6 a.m., it would be because I never went to bed the night before.


  12. I'm an early riser too. As soon as the sun shines in the window, I'm up. Glad you have a nice day.

  13. What a nice day. Purging is always good, files gone, debris gone and the smell of burn pile smoke to watch the stars. Nice!

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