Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've had the good fortune in the last few days to have two of my blog buddies to give me a shoutout on their blogs. Both bloggers were kind to me and I am flattered beyond words.
I met Charles Kinnard at an Alabama Writer's Conclave a few years ago and we struck up a friendship. He is a remarkable writer and I highly recommend a visit to his blog Not Dark Yet and I'm just saying that because he gave me a shoutout.

Jack over at Shiplog has been married to his high school sweetheart more years than Jilda and me. They are ramblers and they could have written the song I've Been Every Where Man. Jack is a writer and has several books to his credit as well. Even though I've never met Jack and Sherry, I feel almost as though I know them both.

As a result of these kind bloggers, I've sold books and I can't thank them enough.

That's what I love about blogging. The people out there chipping away every day writing about the things they love. Unlike some fields where artists feel as though another artist's success may diminish their own, bloggers seem to believe that when one of us succeeds, it does not harm the chances of others.

Camelia petal on my bathroom vanity. It looks like a heart to me.


  1. Hey Rick, I agree I love to feature other bloggers and send traffic their way! I appreciate you!

  2. I agree, though I do get jealous of many bloggers, I may be a bit shallow.

  3. I'm gonna go check out Charles's blog right now. You have a sweet post here. I really enjoy reading others blogs. Having links makes it easier for me to stalk them. There are so many unnoticed good bloggers out there I could not possibly find them all.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out yourownself. We had so much fun with your 'Remembering Big'. I was raised in cotton mill towns, and the folks were a lot like you described in that book. So many good folk in the world, I remember you said recently everyone has a story and that is so true.
    We always enjoy the visit to Life 101.
    Hug that good looking wife for us.

  5. Rick I think that is so sweet, I am glad you made some sales... I agree that I like helping other people out and most of the bloggers I know are the same... :)

  6. I enjoy the creativity and thoughts of the many bloggers I have been fortunate enough to visit. The internet has given many of us the opportunity to share our lives with others who appreciate. It is a wonderful community. Now I will visit the two you recommend and hope to expand my circle.

  7. It looks like a heart to me too - we can't both be wrong surely?

    Ms Soup

  8. Love your sentiments, love your heart petal.

  9. I'm glad you've found a great support group among bloggers.

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