Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sad blossom

Today was picturesque except for the frisky wind. Just after sunrise, the high-level winds sounded like low-flying aircraft.  The tops of the pine and oak groaned as the swayed.

We have a family/friends party here Saturday so we began making preparations today. The screen porch had dust deep enough to grow turnips. Moving all the furniture off onto the walk then swept and then hosed the walls and floor.

The backyard was cluttered with limbs, leaves, and pine cones. After a few hours, it began to take

I stepped over to the side of the house to toss some things into the garbage can when I saw that the camellia bush is still showing out. I squatted and snapped a photo of one of the blooms. When I looked over the fence, I noticed the wind had blown a blossom off the bush.

It looked like a pet that thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence until it went over. It seemed to be gazing longingly at the mother plant in the yard. It seemed a little sad.


  1. I'd be happy with a "frisky" wind. Tonight we're expecting 60-70 mile an hour winds blowing in from the Pacific. I'm adding oil to my lamp in case we lose power.

  2. Hey, the spring always brings high winds in these parts also. Enjoy your party this weekend. Don't forget to spring forward this Saturday night.
    Great we can a whole hour!

    1. Anonymous12:48 AM

      We don't GET an hour--we LOSE one!!

  3. Spring cleaning always feels good especially when you are done. The flower looks so pretty and delicate..nice to see this time of year.

  4. Hard work always pays off. And, looks like you did some in prep for company. I love it when company comes... it's an excuse to clean.

  5. My red Camellia bush has ONE flower on it also, but the neighbor's has many. Must be the side of the house its on.
    These photos you been taking are great. Maybe Jilda can paint one of them.

  6. Its a lovely blossom and she was just waiting for you to immortalize it and wanted to be admired by your bloggy friends. I hope the wind calms down and that the party will go as scheduled this saturday. Daylight time changes on Sunday and I hate it when I loose an hour of sleep but we ease our cattle into it.
    Have a great day.

  7. these flowers are so lovely ,you reminded me the winds of my native town back in northern area ,in my school days when we walked over hills for school wind used to push us back and we felt hard to walk forward

    hope you enjoyed your party

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