Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Stuff

A neighbor called early this morning. Today was Food Pantry day at their church. I'd told her a few days ago that we had some eggs we'd like to give. All five hens are laying so our fridge fills quickly. The chickens or eggs aren't shot up with antibiotics, or hormones. They eat scratch feed and what ever bugs, ants, and other crawling critters they come across in our yard. We gave her four dozen for the give away this morning.

We're finishing up the decluttering gig here. We went through over a thousand books and tossed the ones that did not resonate with us. The discarded books will go to the thrift store to find a new home.

The last chore this evening was to burn a pile of papers Jilda had discarded from her office desk. I'm guessing there was 25 pounds of old check stubs, and other papers that she no longer needed.

I fired them up and then pulled a folding lawn chair nearby to tend the fire. Stacks of paper are harder to burn than you might think because of air-flow issues.

The evening sun was dipping ever closer to the horizon and I let the flames hypnotize me. 

On a sad note, Jilda's brother who lives next door stepped over to tell us our neighbor who lives acrossed the road from him passed away this evening.  I'd written about them a month or so ago. She'd gone down fast and we knew it wouldn't be long before she left us.

Tomorrow is Easter. I hope you all have a blessed day.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Happy Easter, Rick!!

  2. That photograph has an interesting illustrative quality. Very Nice. Happy Easter.

  3. I have a hard time parting with books. They are such good companions.

  4. We're still going through all our stuff. We've given some to Goodwill, some to friends, some that I've put in a box for a friend's church rummage sale. Hopefully I will be able to declare our place a "junk free zone" soon! When Jack and I were sitting around the fire last week, he said that fires give off a vibration or something like that, that makes folks feel good and calms them. It's why we like to be hypnotized by the flames! Weird science? Have a nice Easter tomorrow.

  5. So sorry to hear the news of your neighbor. My sympathies to all.

  6. I honestly do not think I have ever had a real fresh egg straight from the hen. I have try it one day. I wish I had a little chicken but they are not allowed in the city limits. Neither is burning trash! I have to shred everything. Sorry you lost a neighbor.
    Happy Easter

  7. Nothing smell nicer than a fire especially in spring...I don't know why but it does. You are lucky to have such rich eggs. Have you ever bought a store one and compared it to yours? The shells are thicker and the yolk is richer. The store bought eggs taste a bit chalky also. We get our eggs from a Mennonite butcher and no longer buy eggs at the regular grocery store. How very nice of you to give these away. Sorry to hear about your neighbour friend. I hope you Easter is good despite the sadness.

  8. I enjoy being able to burn when we are in Belmont. We are a couple hundred yards out of the city.
    Sorry about the neighbor. Even when we expect it, it is not easy.

    I never will forget when a Missouri farmer, and good friend demonstrated the difference in the fresh egg and the cold storage egg in a frying pan, difference in night and day. The Fresh egg held it's shape, very small foot print, the cold storage egg tried to cover the entire pan as it spread. What a surprise.

  9. Hope your Easter was a great one, as mine was, spent Good Friday at home with the girls and grandchildren, spent yesterday Easter Sunday at my parents house with the family

  10. My decluttering is on stall at the moment. I'm getting there slowly. It's a difficult thing to get rid of some stuff.

    I shred old office paper with a heavy duty RCMP old paper shredder. It shred so fast and fine that I fill big blue recycle bags and the city recycle picks it up. Unfortunately we are not allowed to burn papers outdoors as we live within city limits.
    I hope you both had a Happy Easter.

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